Hyppää mukaan kehitykseen ja tarkasta viimeisimmät lisäykset Refoxiin!

[ ADDED] Added batch list to MRPs plan modal
[ ADDED] Added a user specific flag for auto adjusting the width of order product name column
[ ADDED] Added customer specific feeds
[ ADDED] Improved leasing order flow
[ CHANGED] Small logic change to blockOrderifRepoNotReady flag
[ CHANGED] Improved new campaign tool
[ FIXED] Fixed sorting new variations in product card
[ FIXED] Bypassed database limittations by code in Shipit integration
[ FIXED] Fixed product creation from purchase order
[ FIXED] Fixed supplier link in MRP-tool
[ FIXED] Improved Prisync view performance.
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug with cashier cash discount vat split
[ FIXED] Hotfixed new nshift NOT, NOTSMS, NOTEMAIL system

[ ADDED] Added dropdown tag addition functionality to articles
[ ADDED] Added link to attribute types and values
[ ADDED] Added configurable nshift notifications section to shipping view
[ ADDED] Added default option for attribute value types
[ ADDED] Added default value to article CMS-selector
[ ADDED] Added new section to customer view that lists all the orders that affect customer credit limit
[ ADDED] Added debugging tools to klarna capture
[ CHANGED] Improved customer specific cashier logic
[ CHANGED] Changed maventa integration to show the error to user
[ CHANGED] Changed time and memorylimits of customer export
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific integration logic
[ CHANGED] Changed klarna capture to not try to capture orders that are already captured
[ CHANGED] Added hubspot id to customer view
[ CHANGED] Changed polarpro integration to include product active information
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific product lifecycle logic
[ CHANGED] Renamed customer specific functionality
[ FEATURE] Allowed group filter with money discount for a customer
[ FIXED] Fixed KSB checkbox synchronization issue.
[ FIXED] Fixed supplier's table to show responsibilities
[ FIXED] Fixed duplicate attribute generation from supplier pricelist
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with maventa create invoice
[ FIXED] Removed flag reship_api_update
[ FIXED] Fixed reship disallowed check to provide disallowed_products information once again
[ FIXED] Fixed front issue with shipping prints
[ FIXED] Fixed travelbill report
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific cashier logic
[ FIXED] Fixed article supplier search
[ FIXED] Small fix to UPS integration province state code
[ FIXED] Do page notifications mass sync only when necessary
[ REMOVED] Removed the possibility to log in with the pin code of the deleted user.

[ ADDED] Added new image types
[ ADDED] Customer specific import code
[ ADDED] MRP: Added support for multiple purchases for one batch
[ ADDED] MRP: Disabled transfer back to draft
[ ADDED] Pricelist create relations
[ ADDED] Customer specific reference_number fix script
[ ADDED] Customer specific import script
[ ADDED] Add new tables
[ ADDED] Added type for attribute picture
[ ADDED] Added products_number to sizelinker
[ ADDED] Added translations
[ ADDED] Added customer specific report
[ ADDED] Added EAN-picking to read additional EAN-codes
[ CHANGED] Minor changes for stock text generation
[ CHANGED] Customer specific Netvisor blocking
[ CHANGED] Updated article edit wysiwyg
[ CHANGED] MRP: Don't create unecessary transfers
[ CHANGED] MRP: Remove staright link when closing modal
[ CHANGED] Optimized reship api
[ CHANGED] Removed postal number validation from ReShip
[ FEATURE] Added INVOIC message to tradeconnector
[ FIXED] Bug fix
[ FIXED] order of operations fix
[ FIXED] Endicia bug fix
[ FIXED] revert drop column from listing
[ FIXED] Fix picking error
[ FIXED] Hotfixed repo calendar
[ FIXED] Updated payment package
[ FIXED] Skip kuunvaihdesiirto dhlexpress
[ FIXED] Ignore kuuvaihdesiirto in shipment items
[ FIXED] Fixed hide user info-option not hiding seller info in print header
[ FIXED] Fix token fetching
[ FIXED] Fixed a check is something deliverable from a web sale
[ FIXED] Hotfixed cashier
[ FIXED] Fixed product group saving

[ ADDED] Shows purchase orders in cashier when adding last one.
[ ADDED] Inspector product name from attribute selections tool
[ ADDED] Added purchase backorder to generate new order number for customer
[ ADDED] Customer state selection for customer
[ ADDED] Ups shipper phone
[ ADDED] Short description for customer
[ ADDED] Added field to product group content picture feature
[ ADDED] Improvements for MRP-tool
[ ADDED] Added possibility to indicate currency in purchase custom prints
[ ADDED] Ups shipping state
[ ADDED] Added Icon upload for product groups
[ ADDED] Mark automatic pricelsits
[ ADDED] Added relation set to product card
[ ADDED] Changed resources as a background if not in planning mode (repo-calendar)
[ ADDED] Improved repo calendar order creation
[ ADDED] Internal javascript tooling
[ CHANGED] Only load visible data in repo calendar, resulting in faster loading times
[ CHANGED] Better error message
[ FEATURE] Product review additinal questions
[ FEATURE] Added product group content picture feature
[ FEATURE] Added resource management and planning to repo calendar. Also quality of life improvements and optimizations
[ FIXED] Fixed virtualstock modal default values
[ FIXED] Pricelist timeout fix
[ FIXED] Bug fix
[ FIXED] Show additional question answerts in product reviews
[ FIXED] Ups shippinglocation fix
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with article authors creation
[ FIXED] Scheker label size
[ FIXED] Fixed error text typo
[ FIXED] Improvements to internal tooling
[ FIXED] Fix egiftcard pdf preview
[ FIXED] Fixed invoice due date to prefill for backorders
[ FIXED] Fix supplierfeed for customer
[ FIXED] Fixed product configurator show all button
[ FIXED] Ups PackageResults fix
[ FIXED] Bug fix
[ FIXED] Klarna capture fix

[ ADDED] Added info text to giftcard raport
[ ADDED] Added Netvisor rule for customer
[ ADDED] Added prefill to MRP modal inputs
[ ADDED] Added old batch numbers to MRP tool new batch creation
[ ADDED] Article attribute
[ ADDED] Customer specific sale import script
[ ADDED] Customer specific sales mass handling
[ ADDED] Adds block editor translations
[ ADDED] Article Author
[ ADDED] Added straight links to MRP tool modals
[ ADDED] Added webshop_default_branch to product that can be used to resolve cases where product has no stock in any branch, but has allow_negative_stock
[ ADDED] Adds text field for customer
[ ADDED] Pricelist for customer
[ ADDED] Added thumbnailing possibility to image mediables
[ ADDED] Added CMS tool link for customer
[ ADDED] Attribute tooltip
[ CHANGED] Redesigned tags, product links and form layout in new campaign tool
[ CHANGED] Allow block editor use in article page
[ CHANGED] Made modals in MRP tool wider
[ CHANGED] Improved media container and metronic 8 modal internal tools
[ CHANGED] Removes published condition from cms pages in article page
[ CHANGED] Integration accountnumber update
[ FEATURE] Added webshop management to new campaign tool
[ FIXED] Pickinglog ordertype selection
[ FIXED] Fixed internal tool calculation logic
[ FIXED] Fixed rare issue with customer search
[ FIXED] Fixed title issue with MRP tool modals
[ FIXED] Added sitemap to customer
[ FIXED] Fixed bug in invoices
[ FIXED] Fixed title issue with MRP modal
[ FIXED] Fixed MRP tool delete button
[ FIXED] Fix pricelist automatic update + add vat to purchase_price for customer
[ FIXED] Defaulted webshop orders to go in IP-folder
[ FIXED] Fixes block editor wysiwyg
[ FIXED] Fixed UPS rates request validation
[ REMOVED] Removed spaces from buyer reference
[ REMOVED] Removed unused code
[ REMOVED] Removed column from MRP tools component demand table

[ ADDED] Added ReShip to check parent product disallowed shipping countries
[ ADDED] Added sitemap for a customers webshop
[ ADDED] Added filter for email tracking codes
[ ADDED] Added price calculation to configurator products
[ ADDED] Added highlighting to unpaid purchaseinvoices
[ ADDED] Added option to group by picker in picking reports
[ ADDED] Added possibility to mass send invoices to Netvisor
[ ADDED] Improved development tools
[ CHANGED] Developed new campaign tool
[ CHANGED] Moved GLS and Shipit buttons to top if they are in use
[ CHANGED] Changed product search logic in purchase orders
[ CHANGED] Enabled Avarda capture
[ CHANGED] Changes to internal tools
[ CHANGED] Small changes to CRMGuest
[ FIXED] Fixed web and active webshop stock calculation
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with some pricelists not showing all row data (active = 0 changes)
[ FIXED] Fix a bug in reship with shipping dimensions check
[ FIXED] Fixed amount/quantity issue in avarda capture
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with getting product children
[ FIXED] Fixed picking instructions in CHS sale message
[ FIXED] Fixed duplicating atr values in pricelist import
[ FIXED] Made a custom turbomode to product searchers to a specific customer
[ FIXED] Added a missing feature to customer-view
[ FIXED] Fixed sidebar "Myynti tuoteryhmittäin"-report
[ REMOVED] Removed unecessary logic

[ ADDED] Added description to alma task integration
[ ADDED] Added shipping code to custom prints
[ ADDED] Webshop specific Payment method visibility
[ ADDED] Added configurations for customers Netvisor-integration
[ ADDED] Enabled Netvisor-integration for customer
[ ADDED] Supplier feed for customer
[ ADDED] Added free text before lines to standard invoice print
[ CHANGED] Changed pricelogic of supplier feed for customer
[ CHANGED] Filtered webshop carts from Sniffie-integration
[ CHANGED] Enabled giftcards to payments feature in Refox cashier for customer
[ CHANGED] Improved MRP tool functionality
[ CHANGED] Changed dimension handling in Netvisor-integration
[ FEATURE] Added possibility to take Unifaun/nShift prints from purchase orders
[ FIXED] Fixed events post process to generate invoice date
[ FIXED] Mediable permissions
[ FIXED] Fixed a few bugs with netbox + bucket
[ FIXED] Fixed phone number bug in polarpro integration
[ FIXED] Fixed row count in Cash sales report
[ FIXED] Fixed error handling in mailchimp integration
[ FIXED] Fixed product copy for modular products
[ FIXED] Ignore payment row in dhl shipment rows
[ FIXED] Fixes to customer specific supplier pricelist
[ REMOVED] Disabled Avarda capture
[ REMOVED] Removed duplicate translations

[ ADDED] Updated internal tools
[ ADDED] Added supplier check option to customer points feature
[ ADDED] Added internal tools
[ ADDED] Customer specific data modification function
[ ADDED] Customer specific rules for webshop orders
[ ADDED] Configuren Netvisor-integration for a customer
[ ADDED] Enabled product sorting by buy count for a customer
[ ADDED] Tuotteiden myynti-report, hide stock by default
[ ADDED] Updated UPS-integration API
[ ADDED] Added information for customer specific automation
[ CHANGED] Enabled stockalerts for a customer
[ CHANGED] Netbox google bucket development
[ CHANGED] Updated fenna info texts
[ CHANGED] Fixed a few rare issues with kuunvaihdesiirto -invoices
[ CHANGED] Removed active product search filter for a customer
[ CHANGED] Small optimization to customer feeds
[ CHANGED] Improved faulty einvoices handling
[ CHANGED] Filtered customer specific pricelist information
[ CHANGED] Campaign tool fixes
[ CHANGED] Configured Fennoa-integration for customer
[ CHANGED] Refox cashier giftcard use as a payment (not in use by default for existing customers)
[ CHANGED] Updated sniffie webshop_products endpoint to provide parentSku and to be filterable by physical products only
[ CHANGED] Greatly optimized product stock history generator
[ FIXED] Added more supported parameters for UPS-integration API
[ FIXED] Hotfix products configurator
[ FIXED] Fixed bug in sales view
[ FIXED] Channable feed sale price with campaign
[ FIXED] Postnord quick id fix to unifaun integration
[ FIXED] Small fix to mailchimp postProduct
[ FIXED] Prints text change
[ FIXED] Improvements to tradeconnector
[ FIXED] Fixed inventory show inactive products
[ FIXED] Fixed structural issue with webdownload
[ FIXED] Fixed row_number ordering in custom prints
[ FIXED] Hotfixed customer view sale datatable

[ ADDED] Customs code to purchases_rows
[ ADDED] Added Netvisor-integration configurations for customer
[ ADDED] Added functionality to purchases rows data
[ ADDED] Added reward points to update automatically
[ ADDED] Added filter for customer in product card pricelist links
[ ADDED] Added storage locations to prints for customer
[ ADDED] Added link to a piloted feature for customer
[ ADDED] Added stocktranfer tool to product card
[ ADDED] Added translations
[ ADDED] Added laravel filesystem implementation to netbox integration
[ ADDED] Update internal payment related tooling
[ ADDED] Added seller name to searchable elements in sales list
[ CHANGED] Refactored metronic 8 views to use same layout to reduce code duplication and maintain consistency
[ CHANGED] Changes to customer specific reports
[ CHANGED] Updated Suppliers to new M8 layout
[ CHANGED] Made some more tests to new POS-system
[ CHANGED] Optimized supplier pricelist integration
[ CHANGED] Changed customer discounts to new M8 layout
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific way to calculate OVH
[ CHANGED] Changed warranty delivery to not be delivered by default
[ CHANGED] Optimized mailchimp product sync automation
[ CHANGED] Optimized reports user selector for smaller screens
[ CHANGED] Removed picking timelimit for customer
[ CHANGED] Changes to customer specific report
[ FEATURE] Added new automated integration to fennoa
[ FEATURE] First version of new campaign tool
[ FIXED] Fix a bug with reship shipping dimension check
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with product card
[ FIXED] Fixed bug in pagenotifications
[ FIXED] Fixed bug with missing vat account in sales
[ REMOVED] Removed customer specific invoicing text from invoice
[ REMOVED] Removed yearly purchases as screamtest from receipt :X

[ ADDED] Added new customer to use cashier and payment terminals
[ ADDED] Installed google cloud filesystem adapter
[ ADDED] Optimized pickup point search
[ ADDED] Add picking time in minutes to pickinglog
[ ADDED] Add origincountry to customer feed
[ ADDED] Changed reship logic to respect shipping order so that users can affect the shipping list ordering in webshop
[ CHANGED] Updated customer groups to new layout
[ CHANGED] Changed reship logic regarding shipping min and max dimensions so that not each product in cart is checked individually, but only the longest product is checked
[ CHANGED] Changed shopify integration to store pickup point codes for postnord
[ CHANGED] Optimized background tasks for better performance
[ CHANGED] Change product name logic in supplier feed for customer
[ FIXED] Fixed links from one purchase to another
[ FIXED] Swapped delivery and reimburse flags in warranty notices
[ FIXED] Fixed bug in Avarda order capture
[ FIXED] Fixed bug in Avarda integration
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with time limits in supplier feeds
[ FIXED] Return number exists if requested number empty
[ FIXED] Cashier bug fix

[ ADDED] KlarnaCapture to accept different currencies
[ ADDED] Added priceshape rival data implementation to product view
[ ADDED] UPS transittime endpoint
[ ADDED] Add product customs code to DHL
[ ADDED] Added payment and row_number to purchases
[ ADDED] Enabled Postnord pickuppoints
[ ADDED] Added active 1 checks for adding products to sales orders.
[ ADDED] Added Shipping label button to sales order prints
[ ADDED] Flag, webshop specific payment api
[ CHANGED] Changed field length limit rules for Finvoice
[ CHANGED] Made intervention image driver configurable
[ CHANGED] Disable Netbox from sending einvoices if Maventa active.
[ CHANGED] Removed H1-tag from Article text editor and added H3
[ CHANGED] Changed export type in shipping label from temporary => permanent
[ CHANGED] Suppliersearches for a specific customer
[ CHANGED] changed supplier products update to update products with similar values instead of just the last one with key.
[ CHANGED] Alma integration changes
[ FEATURE] ADR information visible on product
[ FEATURE] Added possibility to add and define an external company as an Owner to a product.
[ FEATURE] UPS integration
[ FEATURE] Made it possible to add payment methods to Cashier (for example Epassi etc)
[ FEATURE] GLS Integration
[ FEATURE] Added Production / Tuotanto to Refox MRP
[ FIXED] Fixed supplier feeds ftp connection
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with discount rows in Resurs bank integration
[ FIXED] fix datefilter in pickinglog
[ FIXED] Changed global search term splitting to split non-numeric parts that are less than 4 characters. "Torikatu 16" -> "Torikatu 16", "AA BB" -> search with both"AA" & "BB"
[ FIXED] Small bugfix if shipping missing name
[ FIXED] Invoice vat fix
[ FIXED] Change newnumber() => newproduct_number() in purchase new product dialog
[ FIXED] Fix for attributeview where added attribute that does not exist
[ FIXED] Fixed warranty notices delivery flag
[ FIXED] Pickinglog purchased amount fix
[ FIXED] Pickinglog delivered amount fix
[ REMOVED] removed unused code

[ ADDED] AddonProd for products
[ ADDED] Add pricehider to purchase_price_total
[ ADDED] Procountor cash discount
[ ADDED] KlarnaCapture to options
[ ADDED] Customer product codes can be saved in salesorder
[ ADDED] Product buy count - added webshop filter
[ ADDED] Added possibility to show all stocks in purchase orders.
[ ADDED] Add purchase order total alv 0% to sales
[ CHANGED] added orderby to sales_rows to get correct order of rows
[ CHANGED] Block products from going to web from ASPAL if they belong to a group.
[ CHANGED] made some adjustments to product pictures.
[ CHANGED] order estimated date to stay from copy
[ CHANGED] GenericCustobar changes to help with shop_id
[ FEATURE] Product Pictures DisplayType
[ FIXED] fix supplier pricelists
[ FIXED] Supplier relations
[ FIXED] fix out of memory new supplier
[ FIXED] Myynti attribuuttiryhmittelyllä + varaston arvo
[ FIXED] Customer view - Customer groups fetch children recursively
[ FIXED] CHS - nullify stocks for products that are no longer in CHS
[ FIXED] CHS - do stock update 3h later
[ FIXED] Copy discount percent to all rows for sales and purchase
[ FIXED] Fix move supplier_product to purchase
[ FIXED] alignment fix for pickingevents reports
[ FIXED] Fix a webshop specificity bug with stock texts
[ FIXED] Fix priceses in supplier feed for customer

[ ADDED] Added fields to custom prints
[ ADDED] Updated CMS-tool visuals
[ ADDED] Updated CMS-tool tools
[ ADDED] Took some datatables export settings from Datatables.js to new component.
[ ADDED] Added stock calculations to purchasesgenerator.
[ ADDED] Block invoicing if REPO not ready.
[ ADDED] Update purchase prices from supplier feed.
[ ADDED] Added help text to a tool
[ ADDED] Email receipt as A4
[ ADDED] Show specser on CRM-card
[ ADDED] Added fallback to reseller contact check when moving sale from webshop to Refox
[ ADDED] Added functionality to CMS-tool
[ ADDED] Added failsafes to links in menu manager
[ ADDED] Supplier Pictures add products via url
[ ADDED] Copying a sales will also attach original attachments to the new sales.
[ ADDED] Added "lastname" attribute to users so one can use surname or lastname interchangeably.
[ ADDED] Show product salesprice with or without vat in Googlefeed
[ ADDED] Supplier Product Attribute importing
[ CHANGED] Changed notification to not shake forever
[ CHANGED] Screamtest - Copying a sales to a purchase always includes delivery customer information.
[ CHANGED] Travelbill Changes.
[ CHANGED] Screamtest for purchases and backorders - do not generate new order number.
[ CHANGED] removed purchase invoice checker from cache.
[ CHANGED] Scroll auto on product-wizard.
[ CHANGED] Attribute values, products listing to support large datasets
[ CHANGED] Exclude groups from Custobar.
[ CHANGED] Ostoon to add default supplier data.
[ CHANGED] Moved internal tools
[ CHANGED] Frontpage changes to be by financial year
[ CHANGED] Updated internal tools
[ CHANGED] Tags for frontpage correctly
[ CHANGED] PurchaseManager to process purchase price discount percent.
[ CHANGED] Changed max package size for Matkis
[ FEATURE] Added possibility to dynamically add fields to custom prints
[ FEATURE] Added PGR-primaries watcher to Kernel.
[ FEATURE] Experimental revenues on frontpage
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific pricelist integration
[ FIXED] Fixed giftcard calculation for US customers
[ FIXED] Screamtesting a possible bug.
[ FIXED] Fix problem with product delete.
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with integration
[ FIXED] Added sent at to stockalert and purchasemaker.
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with picking
[ FIXED] added possibility to delete travelbill
[ FIXED] Fixed CRM Guest exports
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific issue with reseller orders moving to Refox
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with campaign pricing in Refox cashier
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with serial number excel import
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with package products in picking
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with languages in custom prints tool
[ FIXED] Handled error in sales rows changelog
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with ALMA-integration
[ FIXED] Fixed customer search on purchase customer number field.
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with integration
[ FIXED] Fix Resursbank description and substr
[ FIXED] Fixed race condition problem with Netvisor integration and payment sync tool
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with supplier pricelist integration
[ REMOVED] Removed unused internal tool

[ ADDED] Airsoftzone supplier feed integration
[ ADDED] Mrp batch events
[ ADDED] Added row delivery date to custom prints
[ ADDED] WarrantyApplication workhour product select
[ ADDED] Product import for a client
[ ADDED] Purchases link to virtualstock
[ ADDED] Add physical storage support to componentDemandTable
[ ADDED] Get buyer reference to order from webshop, customer specific
[ CHANGED] Swapped ORDER_NUMBER AND YOUR_REFERENCE fields in talenom integration
[ CHANGED] Reactivated tura integration
[ CHANGED] Added more space for products name in picking pop up
[ CHANGED] MRP transferTable hide internal transfers
[ CHANGED] Made changes to internal tools
[ CHANGED] Finalize alma integration
[ CHANGED] Improved blockeditor
[ FEATURE] New report - Group sales by treeview. Found in left sidebar - Statistics.
[ FEATURE] Custom Prints to use Cover
[ FEATURE] Possibility to block an order going to invoices if no shipping slip is printed.
[ FIXED] WMS default to productprice if sales_price = 0
[ FIXED] Serialnumbers from excel modal fix
[ FIXED] order by default columns for Sales and warranty notice
[ FIXED] Fixed modular reseller price
[ FIXED] MRP fix purchasesTable showing wrong batch
[ FIXED] Packaking_size default value for mrp
[ FIXED] Fix freestock calculation bugs
[ FIXED] MRP improve componentDemandTable
[ FIXED] Fixed a few bugs in supplier feeds
[ REMOVED] Remove code and purchase status changes

[ ADDED] Added documents sync and purchase sync to alma integration
[ ADDED] Added report for travelbill
[ ADDED] Added reship specific fields to products (weight, height, depth, width) and shipping (minimum dimensions and letter percentage)
[ ADDED] Added other storages to picking sale pop up
[ ADDED] Fixed db data for a client
[ CHANGED] Changed CANON report
[ CHANGED] Changed generic google feed pricing to use price calculation for sale_price field
[ CHANGED] Improved webshop menu manager
[ CHANGED] Changed purchase list to be sortable by estimated delivery week without the need of padded zeros
[ CHANGED] Cleaned up unused libraries from codebase to prepare for laravel update and make deployments faster
[ FEATURE] Edit + Add for saleNotice s
[ FEATURE] Picking events
[ FEATURE] Adde travelbill functionality
[ FEATURE] Variation attribute enum type and name generation rules for product attributes page and variation generator
[ FIXED] Fixed klevu feed out of memory issue
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with server side products list search
[ FIXED] Ficed cashsummary sum counting when multiple payments
[ FIXED] Hotfix after deployment
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with pinvoices
[ FIXED] Fixed issu with picking sale pop up
[ FIXED] Fix orderby in notice views
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in webshop manager that caused lang data to be missing

[ ADDED] Added option to copy as a purchase inquiry.
[ ADDED] Added alma integration
[ ADDED] Links to products,suppliers and orders on tables in MRP view
[ ADDED] Added toggleable feature to daily purchase generator so that it considers alarming products only and not daily sales (flag daily_automatic_purchase_suggestion_alarming_only)
[ ADDED] Blockeditor - made iframe url configurable for docker ecom - docker refox environments
[ CHANGED] Changed cashier end day layout.
[ CHANGED] Filtered comment rows and immaterial rows from a integration
[ CHANGED] Updated LianaAutomation start run timestamp
[ CHANGED] Blockeditor - made everything in the editor translatable
[ CHANGED] Mediable max filesize change
[ CHANGED] Blockeditor - mediabank tab in document editor
[ CHANGED] Blockeditor - moved image thumb generation from refox to ecom to ensure thumb urls are always up to date
[ CHANGED] Changed migrations to install reship tables to all databases regardless of flags
[ CHANGED] Changed weight purchase average dialog to update product purchase price also
[ FEATURE] Added flag change shipping in picking
[ FIXED] Fixed a statistical bug concerning old webshop + reseller + multiple campaigns
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug concerning old webshop + reseller + multiple campaigns
[ FIXED] Changed sale save to use eloquent so changes are logged into database
[ FIXED] Fix for pinvoice rows
[ FIXED] Improved internal tooling
[ FIXED] Blockeditor - fixed a bug with select2 prop
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug with translations:init that caused not all default translations for every locale to be filled to database correctly
[ FIXED] Fixed issue where reviews were verified incorrectly
[ FIXED] Fixed date ordering in picking list
[ FIXED] Maventa override callurl
[ FIXED] Fixed typo
[ REMOVED] Removed unused code

[ ADDED] Added wholesale dimensions fields to products that enables configuration of wholesale width, height, depth and weight to products. Usable in table editor, tirkistelijä and customer feeds. Toggleable on with a flag.
[ ADDED] Cartreminders enabled for a specific customer
[ ADDED] Added customer specific ROE field to product page
[ ADDED] added experimental similitarycheck
[ ADDED] Notlocked and disallowed to NetvisorSync
[ ADDED] Added reactivateRecipient logic to LianaMailer integration
[ ADDED] WarrantyNotice / All Rows must be processed before refund or shipment
[ CHANGED] Changed finvoice checklist
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific feature product picture size.
[ CHANGED] Changed A4 receipts to be printed with public-url instead of private.
[ CHANGED] Changed customer product feed buy also and see also product fields to return ids instead of names
[ CHANGED] Updated Purchase Invoices to M8
[ FEATURE] Added Maventa as Einvoice-provider
[ FIXED] CHS Bug fixes
[ FIXED] Fixed a structural bug in LeanwareSCM integration
[ FIXED] Added new fields to customerfeeds 1. Saldotekstit group that contains 3 new fields 2. custom attribute product variation parent id 3. custom attribute group hierarchy 4. custom attribute list of buy also ids 5. custom attribute list of see also ids 6. custom attribute list of embed urls
[ FIXED] Fixed frontend translations
[ FIXED] Fixed payments popup
[ FIXED] Fix to finvoice pricechecker.
[ REMOVED] Removed deprecated code
[ REMOVED] Remove formatting from automatically calculated reference numbers because of OP

[ ADDED] added functionality for brokerageable sales rows for specific customer.
[ ADDED] Added customer specific alterations to Netvisor-integration
[ ADDED] Customer specific webshop cart remainder
[ ADDED] Added Netbox automation for customer
[ ADDED] Made some error checking to finvoice sendings.
[ ADDED] Added customer specific feature for product picture in picking list receipt.
[ ADDED] Added invoice_footer to free_text
[ ADDED] Added customer specific feature for product picture in picking list.
[ ADDED] Added customer specific configurations
[ ADDED] Added free text before rows to prints.
[ ADDED] Added separate rows checkbox to Excel import settings.
[ CHANGED] Changed liana mailer API to accept list_id input
[ CHANGED] Changed custom print logic to call prepare invoice when opening the print instead of when taking pdf or sending email
[ CHANGED] Added branch logo validation to only allow png and jpeg images to branch settings view
[ FEATURE] SalesCover 0.1
[ FEATURE] rowAdder quick tool
[ FIXED] Small improvement to unifaun DNG addon handling
[ FIXED] Small fixes to custobar integration
[ FIXED] MTIL report average roe fix
[ FIXED] Invoice reference number
[ FIXED] MRP Allow delviery to virtual storage
[ FIXED] change sellTo address to billing_address on custobar event
[ FIXED] Add create and edit modal for warranty application
[ FIXED] Improved internal tooling
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with purchases view
[ FIXED] Fix average roe on sales by customer report
[ REMOVED] Removed useless logging
[ REMOVED] Removed customer specific functionality

[ ADDED] Added a secondary version of how country specific vat is calculated for EU consumers.
[ ADDED] Added new quotation/order/invoice -buttons on the customer card.
[ ADDED] Added svea webpay capture command
[ ADDED] Added Avarda capture
[ ADDED] Added enter keybind move to next serial number field.
[ ADDED] Customer specific integration rules
[ ADDED] Added previous payment amount to customers specific cashier.
[ ADDED] Added be lenka dropshipping for a client
[ CHANGED] Improved liana automation integration
[ CHANGED] Changed polar pro integration keyreference from {order_id} to {order_id}_{order_number} to help client to identify order between systems
[ CHANGED] Changes to internal tooking
[ CHANGED] Changed statistics reports so that if you pick order_date you also see ordered-amount, not delivered.
[ CHANGED] Cleaned up composer packages to prepare for laravel update testing
[ CHANGED] Changed statistics reports so that if you pick order_date you also see ordered-amount, not delivered.
[ CHANGED] Increased max size of WEBSHOP_PAYMENT_TOKEN.token to be able to store stripe id
[ FEATURE] Product reminder
[ FIXED] Fixed a logical problem on Product Reminder
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug with be lenka pricelist
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug with polarpro integration
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug with svea webpay command
[ FIXED] Fixed product relations component using wrong id in href
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug with shipping cost vat split logic in sales view that occurred with zero value sale
[ FIXED] Fixed reship logic for a client
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug with svea webpay
[ FIXED] Fixed row_number reserved name in mysql.
[ FIXED] cust was on the wrong side of the foreach.

[ ADDED] productwizard + variation generator packaging_size for customer
[ ADDED] Added ulvo button, link to ulvo list.
[ ADDED] Added tags to article list. Modified table for sortable. Added Publish and Published day to header
[ ADDED] Ability to edit article tag translations
[ ADDED] average_roe column footer value for datatable
[ ADDED] Allow restricting article visibility by language
[ ADDED] Add number for warranty and saleNotice
[ ADDED] Added flag to not include inactive products in purchase product number search
[ ADDED] Imports for a specific customer
[ CHANGED] Changed sales order repo event.
[ CHANGED] Changed how supplier pricelist is handled for a certain supplier
[ CHANGED] Only allow numeric values for packagesize trough variation generator and wizard
[ CHANGED] Changes to CRM
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific integration timing
[ CHANGED] Updated internal package
[ CHANGED] Chanes to internal tooling
[ CHANGED] Customer specific mass changes
[ FIXED] Fixed out of system barcode finding wrong products in cashier product search
[ FIXED] Fixed invoice print paid value currency name.
[ FIXED] Fixed product review request email showing wrong language preview
[ FIXED] Custobar bug fix
[ FIXED] SearchBuilder for slowflow report
[ FIXED] Modify pickinglist for customer
[ FIXED] Report for customer
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific integration archive logic
[ FIXED] Fix Product group tree when name is empty or missing
[ FIXED] Fix liveagent integration filters
[ FIXED] Desctosale split again if string is longer than 150 char, retain whole words
[ FIXED] Fixed style bug in sales order
[ FIXED] fix alert text formatting

[ ADDED] Check if reference number exists when generating new reference number
[ ADDED] Fix alarm limit and add possibility to only fetch alarming products in purchase tool
[ ADDED] Added autoresolve to netvisor system notifications
[ ADDED] Added serial number excel import to purchase view
[ ADDED] Added .xls to allowed filetypes to serial number excel import
[ ADDED] Added translations
[ ADDED] Added buyer reference to quotation listview.
[ ADDED] Default addon for postnord addon dialog
[ ADDED] CHS read tracking number to order
[ ADDED] Added datatable to ordered popup window.
[ ADDED] PolarPro - added automatic cleanup for old StockBalance messages
[ ADDED] add connection_timeout to multithreadguzzle helper
[ ADDED] Added leasing filtering to a few statistics views
[ ADDED] Added egiftcard background image choosing to giftcard edit view
[ CHANGED] Prevented cross-linking of buy also products for a specific customer
[ CHANGED] Changed custobar tags from tags to sale_tags
[ CHANGED] Customer specific changes to workorder-print
[ CHANGED] Changed leasing sales account
[ FEATURE] Yotpo pictures
[ FIXED] Webshop default seller as select in settings
[ FIXED] SaleNotice form fix
[ FIXED] fix for report where customers active = 1
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with thumbnail generation
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with taxjar
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with thumbnail generation
[ FIXED] Change display date on sales/warrantynotices
[ FIXED] Fixed customer group name on the report.
[ FIXED] Custobar confirmaton email productpicture
[ FIXED] Generic search possibility to change returnvalue
[ FIXED] Hide purchase price+roe button fixed.
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with webstock updates when altering product stock
[ FIXED] PolarPro - fixed an issue with StockBalance message
[ FIXED] fix is_recyclable tag for customer on custobar
[ FIXED] Fix document description editing

[ ADDED] Added customer product code to sale custom prints
[ ADDED] added nl2br to work on all descriptions.
[ ADDED] Rules for Netvisor
[ ADDED] Added $egiftcard_links variable to sales emails
[ ADDED] added help-link to supplierproducts
[ ADDED] Added NL2BR to supplierproducts.
[ ADDED] Made CRM cards alert if not started in 10sec.
[ ADDED] Added new report "Shipments By Customer Group"
[ ADDED] Added order_date filtering to orderjournal report
[ CHANGED] made status kanban to default to current user
[ CHANGED] Made zero-sales visible on sellerstatistics because they should (may have negative ROE)
[ CHANGED] Foka update
[ CHANGED] Changed customer group restrictions to show always if new webshop active
[ FIXED] Disabled a command that hasn't worked correctly for a while
[ FIXED] Fixed a crash
[ FIXED] Made small improvements to netbox archive functionality
[ FIXED] UI improvements for eCommerce menu manager
[ FIXED] Fixes issue where giving a package product discount percentages would mess up the invoice in some specific cases.
[ FIXED] Fixed a sales account bug with package remainder rows / taxjar
[ FIXED] Fixed cashier discount calculation
[ REMOVED] Removed info-snippet
[ REMOVED] Removed customer specific data from prints that are no longer needed

[ ADDED] add TAG to custobar Sales
[ ADDED] Custobar multishop additions
[ ADDED] Update webshop indexes on campaign trigger
[ ADDED] Added a global postCaller to be used instead of GET-requests that may cause double requests in Chromium.
[ CHANGED] Changed product relation names for customer
[ CHANGED] CMS list view changes
[ FEATURE] EWQ-service for electronic price labels.
[ FEATURE] Added Kaarija for the year 2023.
[ FIXED] Fix duplicate numbers for customer
[ FIXED] Custobar bug fixes
[ FIXED] Developed blockeditor product highlight block
[ FIXED] Cashier customerdiscount bug fix
[ FIXED] Added branch shipping information to purchase custom prints
[ FIXED] Developed blockeditor image alt texts
[ FIXED] Warranty notice bug fix
[ FIXED] Developed blockeditor image thumbing
[ FIXED] Hide columns fix on product page
[ REMOVED] Removed customer specific customization from Refox cashier

[ ADDED] Filler script
[ ADDED] added free stock to inspector return values
[ ADDED] Added a new route to refox that renders egiftcard
[ ADDED] Customer specific group type
[ ADDED] Enum values for warrantyNotice status
[ ADDED] Added netweight to 0.01 for non-physical products because of changes to Nshift
[ ADDED] Added enum to SaleNotice
[ ADDED] Added credit limit check to picking queue
[ ADDED] Added reserved and purchased to productInspector
[ CHANGED] Changed product picture upload to do only one parallel upload to avoid race conditions
[ CHANGED] Optimized attribute edit view by adding lazy load
[ CHANGED] Changed Netvisor-integration payment timestamps
[ CHANGED] Changed customer list search not fire request on every character input, but instead wait 1 second between inputs
[ CHANGED] Developed blockeditor
[ CHANGED] Text changes to Filemanager
[ CHANGED] CHS arrivalNotice processing
[ CHANGED] CHS enable processing
[ FEATURE] Text templates feature for repo
[ FIXED] Custobar changes for customer
[ FIXED] Fixed a few issues with new webdownload customer credit limit logic
[ FIXED] Customer specific import scripts
[ FIXED] Fixed a crash
[ FIXED] Fixed roe calculation in customer discounts view
[ FIXED] Fixed systemnotificationcontroller
[ FIXED] Campaign tool fix
[ FIXED] added free stock to inspector return values
[ FIXED] statesave bug fix on productpage
[ FIXED] Liveagent api bug fix

[ ADDED] Customer specific - Added functionality to retrieve new information from webshop
[ ADDED] added start time to repo in sales order
[ ADDED] added oldest to daily front
[ ADDED] Added material to picking list
[ ADDED] added even more functionality to customer sales report
[ ADDED] Added StockBalance processing to PolarPro integration
[ ADDED] Added minimani to tradeconnector
[ ADDED] Repo recurring to access control
[ ADDED] Customer specific changes for webshop orders
[ ADDED] Added a new party to TC and made sure that the parties are rendered in the correct order
[ ADDED] Added possibility to change repo card status from calendar pop up
[ ADDED] Added PolarPro UI tools to purchase view
[ ADDED] added new functionality to customer sales report
[ ADDED] Added filters to SCM-integration
[ ADDED] CRM kanban middleclick to open
[ ADDED] CHS-integration updates
[ CHANGED] Changes to Custobar-integration
[ CHANGED] Changed variation generator 3 to take master product attributes into consideration
[ CHANGED] Changes to internal tooling
[ CHANGED] Exapi to not int if all
[ CHANGED] Added possibility to add products with suppliercode
[ CHANGED] Changes to internal tooling
[ CHANGED] fine tuned custom invoice reminder for customer
[ CHANGED] Changes to statistics
[ CHANGED] Implemented robo integration to ecommerce platform
[ CHANGED] Added s3 support to thumbnail generation
[ CHANGED] Changes to purchases row total calculation
[ CHANGED] Exapi restrictions
[ CHANGED] Changed TradeConnector DESADV-message
[ CHANGED] Changes to customer feeds
[ CHANGED] small change to picking tool pictures
[ CHANGED] Various small changes to CMS
[ FEATURE] Reports are now access controllable.
[ FEATURE] CRMGuest v.2.0
[ FEATURE] Check if finvoices already sent.
[ FIXED] Fixed bug in Google feed pictures
[ FIXED] Fix for luottoraja.
[ FIXED] Added more deletes to CRM delete
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific bug in table editor
[ FIXED] Fixes incvat missing for new users.
[ FIXED] Fix content manager inserts
[ FIXED] Removed customer specific customization
[ FIXED] Fixed Lwebdownload campaign_code + package product
[ FIXED] Added filler code
[ FIXED] Custobar changes
[ FIXED] SCM stockalert bug fix
[ FIXED] Various fixes to PolarPro integration
[ FIXED] Webstock immaterial issue
[ FIXED] Fixed webshop specific api on klarna capture integration
[ FIXED] Fixed purchase tool branch selection
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific bug
[ FIXED] Fixed bug in webshop stock calculation
[ FIXED] Fix daily view
[ FIXED] Fixed frontend bug
[ FIXED] small bugs on crmguest
[ FIXED] Fixed export on datatables
[ FIXED] Fix autoremoval not checking variations.

[ ADDED] Enabled customer specific cart remainder
[ ADDED] Addeed internal logging
[ ADDED] Added steps to internal processes
[ ADDED] Added functionality to move between customers
[ ADDED] Additions to polarpro integration
[ ADDED] Added possibility to add products with suppliercode
[ ADDED] Added summary to customer open invoices table
[ ADDED] Added more deletes to CRM delete
[ ADDED] Added products codes to toimittajahinnasto
[ ADDED] Added functionality where in purchases a row total value is calculated based on the delivered amount if delivered != 0
[ ADDED] Added possibility to delete a contact
[ CHANGED] fine tuned custom invoice reminder for a specific customer
[ CHANGED] Added modal hide on contact save
[ CHANGED] Implemented webshop specificity to product embeddings
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific factoring text
[ FIXED] Credit_limit fix
[ FIXED] Fixed messages
[ FIXED] Fixes to customer card
[ FIXED] Fixed sales contact creation
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with calling wrong url
[ FIXED] Fix quotationdiscount for modular products
[ FIXED] fix incvat on a singular report
[ FIXED] Fix redirect link
[ FIXED] fixed grouping in statistics report "Myynti asiakasryhmittäin"
[ FIXED] fix additional_images on google feed
[ FIXED] Fixed bug on table-editor for specific customer

[ ADDED] Added product number, ean and immaterial to variation generator v3
[ ADDED] Added indexing request to new webshop
[ ADDED] added translations
[ ADDED] Added branch to reship zone
[ ADDED] Filestream endpoint
[ ADDED] Added separate_delivery flag to product, to be handled in new webshop
[ ADDED] new fields to SCM
[ ADDED] Added internal tool
[ ADDED] Customer specific Custobar configurations
[ ADDED] addon for copiers
[ ADDED] added comment to SCM
[ ADDED] Added select all functionality to purchase orders
[ CHANGED] Improved product price renew
[ CHANGED] Optimized ulvo
[ CHANGED] Hide webpending on product statistics
[ CHANGED] Sort stock text settings in logical order in webshop settings view
[ CHANGED] Changed how customer groups name is exported.
[ CHANGED] Klarnacapture to be payment specifc
[ FEATURE] Materialbank to refox
[ FEATURE] Reworked customers.
[ FIXED] Fixed a few issues in PolarPro integration
[ FIXED] Import fixes
[ FIXED] Import code
[ FIXED] Fixed variation generator v2
[ FIXED] Fixed variation generator v3 immaterial field hiding
[ FIXED] Fixed front page purchase invoice user specific listing
[ FIXED] Fixed "accepted" on customers contacts
[ FIXED] Customer discounts to show in product page
[ FIXED] Fix for SPC
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in cashier if using webshop prices
[ FIXED] Fixed some issues provided by VSCODE
[ FIXED] Fix allow marketing
[ FIXED] Tiny fix on Cashier
[ FIXED] Chs integration fixes
[ FIXED] Add description to model
[ FIXED] Fixed file formatting

[ ADDED] Added possibility to activate texteditor in table editor
[ ADDED] Added exapi functionality for Resurs Bank widget
[ ADDED] Added translations
[ ADDED] Added delete-button for articles
[ ADDED] Added reship test data seeder for development needs
[ CHANGED] Change barona integration to report about errors in all cases
[ CHANGED] Order status rules
[ CHANGED] custobar tags to tags.add
[ FIXED] Fixxed customer specific issue with purchases backorders
[ FIXED] Fixed issue where tried to generate thumbnail from pdf
[ FIXED] Fix integration logic
[ FIXED] Update packages
[ FIXED] Handle reship language data in language creation / deletion
[ FIXED] Fixed xustomer specific issu with reports
[ FIXED] Fixed problems where inventory and stock alteration would not use discount percent correctly

[ ADDED] Added flag saving to database so that we know better has connection between new webshop and refox worked or not
[ ADDED] Added possibility to show customer email and phone in sales view customer search (if flag is set on)
[ ADDED] Added business id fields to kiikari
[ ADDED] generate thumbnails for supplier product pictures
[ ADDED] Added feature for customer
[ ADDED] Added new "out of stock and in purchase" color code state to product color codes
[ ADDED] Added average purchase price to product inspector
[ CHANGED] Improved kiikari code maintanability
[ CHANGED] Added more database links between entities to help debug with e-giftcards
[ CHANGED] Changed logic of internal tool
[ CHANGED] Render netbox event file as raw
[ CHANGED] Made sessions considerably lighter
[ CHANGED] Improved flag data caching minorly
[ CHANGED] Removed not-so-good code from sales collate function
[ CHANGED] Made changes to pricing calculation for customer
[ CHANGED] Removed storages from Customer Refox
[ CHANGED] Hubspot - fixed an issue that value of the order was not always sent in euros
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific stock calculation logic
[ CHANGED] Changed product list color codes so that if color code is not defined, then the state select for that given color code is skipped and the checking logic may continue
[ CHANGED] Reordered product color code list to follow the same order as the logic does and added a help text to describe the functionality
[ CHANGED] Updated stock texts
[ CHANGED] reward points change for customer
[ CHANGED] Activated stepper discounts for a client
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with new webshop e-giftcards that sale was moved to invoices too early which caused invoice number to not generate
[ FIXED] Added product link to configurator
[ FIXED] Fixed message queue view to load up again
[ FIXED] Enabled customer account confirmation for a client
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with configurable google feed that caused category hierarchy to render only three levels
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in cashier that adding discount threw error if cashier was set to show row delivery branches
[ FIXED] Fixed product and product group bulk price modal
[ FIXED] import code
[ FIXED] import code
[ FIXED] Fixed a bunch of goofy goofing regarding how product average prices is shown in product inspector
[ REMOVED] Removed some dead code

[ ADDED] Customer specific category type
[ ADDED] Added ECB integration
[ ADDED] Added webshop prices to wizard
[ ADDED] Improved internal tooling
[ ADDED] Added functionality to product view to renew prices based on newest currency rates and pass them to child products
[ ADDED] Reimburse to link parent_sales_id
[ CHANGED] Small fix to einvoice
[ CHANGED] If modular_value_for_variations is off, purchase price on child row should be 0
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific integration protocol
[ CHANGED] Product save optimization
[ CHANGED] Small optimizations and langi with for quicksearch
[ CHANGED] Made webshop settings deletable
[ CHANGED] Optimized internal tooling
[ CHANGED] CRM change
[ CHANGED] added customer number to be visible on sales by customer frontpage widget.
[ FEATURE] Added billable features
[ FEATURE] receiving reward_points in the cashier
[ FIXED] Improved webshop indexing reactivity
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with saving pictures to products from supplier products
[ FIXED] applymultipliers fix to use original-value, not calculated value.
[ FIXED] Fixed incorrect payment currency name on invoice
[ FIXED] Summernote quot-replace
[ FIXED] Fixed sales payment writing if non EUR for a specific old webshop
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in ECB integration
[ FIXED] Spending reward_points in cashier
[ FIXED] Fixed frontpage cache problems.

[ ADDED] GDPR compliant CRM bullcrap
[ ADDED] Added translation excel export
[ ADDED] added stockcalc on WMS receive batchconfirmation.
[ ADDED] Enabled Klarna Capture for customer
[ ADDED] Addition to webshopIndexQueue
[ ADDED] Add feedpicture dispatch
[ ADDED] Added a relation portlet to product view
[ ADDED] Integration chooser to payments
[ ADDED] Customer specific field
[ ADDED] Agreement identifier visible on refox prints
[ ADDED] Added logging to cashier
[ CHANGED] Daily infoboard to be sorted by week, not day
[ CHANGED] Removed junk from CRM dashboard.
[ CHANGED] Changes to internal tooling
[ CHANGED] Changed netvisor keys for customer
[ CHANGED] Small change to how product groups are redirected
[ CHANGED] Changes to webshop calcstock-function
[ CHANGED] Removed data dump from CRM guest
[ CHANGED] Removed summernote from product.blade since it is already included in layout. Added quot replace to products summernote editor
[ CHANGED] Changed how giftcards and credits are calculated in discounts
[ CHANGED] Made pakettikauppa listmethods listen to API-settings.
[ FEATURE] Added flag which inactivates products that have a removal start date and total stock is 0.
[ FEATURE] Made giftcard payment account to be configureable
[ FEATURE] Built a custom feed reader for a customer
[ FIXED] Sentry #REFOX-B9Y / quickfix
[ FIXED] Fixed various issues in cashier concerning cash discount row
[ FIXED] Small hotfixes.
[ FIXED] Added more links to new webshop-navigation
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with showing storage locations on orders
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific issue with registering customers
[ FIXED] Fixed a raport for a specific customer
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in CRM zendesk connection concerning updating recipient email address
[ FIXED] Added button_text to banner management
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in reusable product relation component
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in language creation that locale wasn't set correctly
[ FIXED] Fixed a product reading bug in tradeconnector integration and added an indication on sales row if product could not be found
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in language creation that caused language to be added to webshop automatically
[ FIXED] Small fix to schenker
[ REMOVED] Removed autocomplete from Redo deadline datepicker
[ REMOVED] Removed unused libraries to lighten deploy

[ ADDED] Customer specific import script
[ ADDED] Klarna capture - Added giftcard support
[ ADDED] added flag for dashboard and visibility in main menu
[ ADDED] supplierPirctures add thumbing logic for customer
[ ADDED] Added weighted purchase average price field to product list
[ ADDED] Added unit to be shown after price in product list
[ ADDED] Made dashboard to be tabbable
[ ADDED] Feeds added option to use webshop stock
[ ADDED] Added temporary reseller faker
[ CHANGED] changed dashboard datalabels to be on/off
[ CHANGED] Changed message regarding generating Finvoice
[ CHANGED] Small changes to productlist.
[ CHANGED] supplierfeed update
[ CHANGED] Changed payment view save from GET to POST to be able to save long descriptions
[ CHANGED] Removed dashboard from SPC and made own /dashboard with controllers.
[ CHANGED] supplierfeed update
[ FEATURE] New Dashboard for testing purposes
[ FIXED] Fix supplier feed
[ FIXED] Fixed bug with attribute description text editor
[ FIXED] Cashier modular product part price fix
[ FIXED] Hotfixed finvoice send
[ FIXED] Fixed thumbnails file permissions issue
[ FIXED] JwtToken check for necessary keys before attempt
[ FIXED] Purchases order customs code saving
[ FIXED] Added toplevels for customer
[ FIXED] Fixed a rare bug in storing stock transactions
[ FIXED] Fix default seller on webshop order
[ FIXED] Fix for Cashier not having a customer name
[ FIXED] Fix problem where reserved amount would not show up when saving a new product on a sales row.
[ FIXED] Fixed cashier recalculate rows flag to not show false positive error message when adding customer to cash sale when there are no rows yet
[ FIXED] Fixed a few issues in purchase list concerning purchases that do not have any rows
[ FIXED] Added a missing model for DB table
[ FIXED] Added a migration from OpenAPI to ReFox to ensure payments work correctly even if client doesn't have new webshop
[ FIXED] add giftcard changes to logger
[ REMOVED] Removed hardcoded payment terminal IDs for one customer

[ ADDED] Dashboard for webshop orders by day
[ ADDED] Added customer specific logic for accepting customer contact
[ ADDED] Added netbox event log
[ ADDED] Visible discount control to customer discounts
[ ADDED] Enabled paylink for customer
[ ADDED] SPC to count sprintqueue also.
[ ADDED] Added show package product parts to work with quotation prints
[ ADDED] Added einvoice-checker.
[ ADDED] add descriptions for customer
[ ADDED] Added list of child purchases to purchase view
[ ADDED] NewRegistration event for new webshop
[ ADDED] Mailchimp - added logic for linking sales to specific campaigns, added campaign_id to cart
[ CHANGED] enabled giftcard reports
[ CHANGED] Changed sales buyer order number generator to be more likely to generate unique number
[ CHANGED] Added fnum field to SALES_CODES to help with linking arbitrary data to a cart in old webshops
[ CHANGED] update image library
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific print bug
[ FIXED] Fixed dashboard widget sorting
[ FIXED] Fixed stockalerts to respect new webshop stock configuration
[ FIXED] Webshop index update additions
[ FIXED] Feeds bugfix
[ FIXED] Fix for INCVat on vat0
[ FIXED] More control over thumbnails command
[ FIXED] Fixed sales order pricing discount to price feature
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in model revision logging
[ FIXED] Fixed new product unit-field default value to come by languages correct locale
[ FIXED] Redownload product_pictures

[ ADDED] Added possibility to move selected purchases into different folder
[ ADDED] removal start color to color config
[ ADDED] Made STD calc use phps own version
[ ADDED] Made frontpage news be able to use iframes.
[ ADDED] Multiple pickupendpoints to exapi
[ ADDED] Fennoa - added agreement_identifier
[ CHANGED] Improved default settings page by adding product searches
[ CHANGED] One incredibly tiny detail changed on order confirmation print
[ FEATURE] Mailchimp ecommerce integration
[ FEATURE] Zendesk ability to create new ticket trough refox
[ FEATURE] SPC dashboard
[ FIXED] Refox frontpage to cache.
[ FIXED] supplier pictures changes for customer
[ FIXED] fixed linking new zendesk ticket to created crm
[ FIXED] Frontpage graps: add to group restriction control
[ FIXED] Search history add webshop_id
[ FIXED] Fix cashier end day receipt & Cashier discount
[ FIXED] Fix sellerstatistics
[ FIXED] Inspector preview field additions
[ FIXED] Updated internal tools
[ FIXED] Fix requester getting removed if ticket contains ccs
[ FIXED] hide ticket owner until ticket is created
[ FIXED] fix inbound message flag
[ FIXED] Changed customer specific price calculation logic
[ FIXED] Error response if missing shipping
[ FIXED] Customer specific cashier discount
[ FIXED] Fixed buycount for Varusteleka
[ FIXED] Fixed purchase generator to sum delivered amounts if more than one sale order for a product
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug with shipping cost button in sales view if more than 1 vat percent
[ FIXED] Order status changes
[ FIXED] Inspector support multiple stocks in stock filter selection
[ FIXED] Remove ReDo-counter from ReHelp icon
[ FIXED] Fixed bug where variation choosing on a package product broke pricing
[ FIXED] Inspector allow storage search with just upper or lower stock limit
[ FIXED] Improved how settings products are handled internally
[ FIXED] Show price as default price in webshop to customer_discounts
[ FIXED] Schenker privpack update to new api
[ FIXED] fixed customer bank account changing to branch default
[ FIXED] Updated internal tools
[ REMOVED] Customer specific logic removal

[ ADDED] Added new field to picking that shows all modular parents
[ ADDED] Improved internal tooling
[ ADDED] Customer points webshop specific rules
[ ADDED] Enabled KlarnaCapture for customer
[ ADDED] purchase price to productlist
[ ADDED] webshop_index_queue group relation listeners
[ ADDED] Added modular child sums to product page
[ ADDED] Add product reorder event to index update
[ ADDED] Route redirect instructions
[ ADDED] FLAG Hide no product alert if search by enter is active
[ ADDED] lead time for tickets visible
[ ADDED] Added system notification for netvisor errors
[ ADDED] Webshop_stock add in_supplier_storage column
[ ADDED] Added customer specific change to reimburse invoices
[ ADDED] Added project view
[ ADDED] Stockalert sent_at, preserve history
[ ADDED] Added SETTINGS data collection to fix DB inconsistencies between refox instances
[ ADDED] Customer point tiers
[ ADDED] Added Webshop specific turnover to frontpage dashboard.
[ ADDED] Webshop manager - added multi webshop support to stock texts
[ CHANGED] Refactored internal tooling
[ CHANGED] Changes to CRM statistics
[ CHANGED] Changed report basis on Inc_vat
[ CHANGED] Changed tarra printing to inform about invalid EAN
[ CHANGED] Changed adding products in purchase view to automatically select contents of ordered field
[ CHANGED] Changed cust specific logic to follow standard approach
[ CHANGED] Changed purchase -> purchase copy to forget delivered amounts and delivery date
[ CHANGED] Changed branchstock value avg to use purchasepricediscounted
[ CHANGED] Prefixed CRM-routes.
[ CHANGED] Changed customer export to use a customExport
[ FEATURE] Added Refox Help to upper bar and help.refox.fi
[ FIXED] PurchaseMaker fix stock displaying incorrectly
[ FIXED] Flush cache after saving stock logic so stock texts are parsed immediately
[ FIXED] Added two new description fields for customer
[ FIXED] Fixed inc_vat for vat0 cashiers
[ FIXED] Fixed sales row purchasing price in cashier if avg purchase price functionality is enabled
[ FIXED] Resursbank cashier changes
[ FIXED] Fixed bug with quotation print vat text
[ FIXED] Shopify - fixed shady stock update code
[ FIXED] Fixed bug with automatic updates

[ ADDED] EF on daily front
[ ADDED] Authentication for webshop indexing request
[ ADDED] Added linked purchases column to purchase invoice list
[ ADDED] Updated internal tooling
[ ADDED] Updated internal tool package
[ ADDED] CRM admin page to show CRM status
[ ADDED] Added sent_at field to stockalerts
[ ADDED] Added purchase receiver email to mailer dialog
[ ADDED] Added excluded customer groups to mtil-report
[ ADDED] Added flag internal name to flag view
[ ADDED] Added field to webshop settings
[ ADDED] Added ETA field to picking, which describes closest upcoming purchase amount and estimated delivery date
[ ADDED] Added feature to internal tools
[ CHANGED] Unified some stock alteration dialog code
[ CHANGED] Allow apostrophe (') in product search
[ CHANGED] Hubspot - retroactive data export
[ CHANGED] Stock text settings layout improvements
[ CHANGED] Unified the way phone number is stored for webshop sales
[ CHANGED] Changed internally how product color picker is shown
[ CHANGED] Barona - changed sales order automatic creation logic to ignore purchased amount for purchases with status RI
[ CHANGED] Hubspot - retroactive data export
[ CHANGED] Hubspot - started storing timestamps for imported customers
[ CHANGED] Changed purchase and sale excel import to support row delivery date
[ FEATURE] Added flag "Hälytä myyntitilauksella, jos tuotteella on poistonaloituspäivämäärä"
[ FIXED] Hotfixed purchasing tool
[ FIXED] Added webshop indexing helper
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific brexit-calculations
[ FIXED] Fixed "Myynti tuoteryhmittän"-report
[ FIXED] cashier pricing bug
[ FIXED] Minor fixes to custom prints
[ FIXED] Changed product variation linking logic so that newly added variations to a product are put last
[ FIXED] Hotfixed purchasing tool
[ FIXED] Hotfixed picking
[ FIXED] Changed custom prints excel rendering to put all data in a single sheet
[ FIXED] hid static text from quotation for customer
[ FIXED] Order status issue
[ FIXED] Custobar relation fixes
[ FIXED] Added EAN on stock reports
[ FIXED] channable json formatting issue

[ ADDED] added translations
[ ADDED] ROE percentage to slowflow report
[ ADDED] Webstock updates to product linking from supplier pricelists
[ ADDED] Product stock texts to inspector
[ ADDED] Added database change logging
[ ADDED] Rewrote tilaukset tuotteittain view
[ ADDED] Added report "Delivered rows without invoice number"
[ ADDED] Added logging to payment and shipping database changes
[ ADDED] Purchasemaker add stockalert and buttons for filling amount
[ ADDED] added customer groups to "tuotteiden myynti"-raport
[ ADDED] CRM EF-view
[ ADDED] Imroved internal tooling
[ ADDED] custom text for customer print
[ ADDED] Added vat split logic to sales shipping cost button
[ ADDED] Multishop custobar changes for customer
[ CHANGED] Added row estimated delivery date logic to stock texts and fixed a few bugs
[ CHANGED] Change behavior of modular product while importing from excel to sales or purchases
[ CHANGED] Cleaned up code repository
[ CHANGED] Product specific sales price discount percent has been permanently disabled
[ CHANGED] Improved job workers
[ FEATURE] CRM Event: copy as new
[ FEATURE] Ticket: split as new
[ FEATURE] Mailjet - new integration. Subscriptions
[ FIXED] Allows Finland in shipping cost disallowed countries select
[ FIXED] Fixed bugs in trigger event view
[ FIXED] crm dashboard bug fix
[ FIXED] Hubspot - fixed default sales account id
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with price calculation
[ FIXED] Fixed campaign_product logic
[ FIXED] removed hardcoded terminal ids from customer
[ FIXED] Migration changes
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with ReShip
[ FIXED] Hotfixed purchasing tool
[ FIXED] Fix for vat0 cashier to look the same as before
[ FIXED] fixed netbox mail error
[ FIXED] salesprice on purchase row to not include discount
[ FIXED] Fixed purchase row ordering in purchase view
[ FIXED] Fixed purchase view to allow saving of product number only
[ FIXED] Cashsales report to show vat-laskelma with with_vat like before.
[ FIXED] Fixed a crash in tuotteiden myynti report
[ FIXED] Fixed issue in cashier
[ FIXED] Fix for Customer Specific cashier view
[ FIXED] Zendesk container, send and send as new button styling
[ FIXED] Fix on inc_vat changes

[ ADDED] Shopify - Added error logging
[ ADDED] Added "levels" to users
[ ADDED] CMS editor - recursive template autofill
[ ADDED] Added Size and Color to Zoined data export
[ ADDED] Added Klarna capture for customer
[ ADDED] Added new functionality to CRM
[ ADDED] Facebook and GoogleFeed default value field
[ ADDED] Cms editor - versions
[ ADDED] Customer specific - enabled multiple giftcards to be used
[ ADDED] Added user experience points calculator
[ ADDED] Added timelimits for products API
[ ADDED] Customer specific payment terminal API-keys
[ CHANGED] Changes to internal tools
[ CHANGED] Shopify - new fulfillment implementation
[ CHANGED] Improved database change logging tool
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific flow of backorders
[ CHANGED] Changed data of a customer specific print
[ CHANGED] Changed input for invoice addon type in default settings
[ CHANGED] CMS development
[ CHANGED] Process more stock text jobs per minute
[ CHANGED] Added heading row to thumbnail settings
[ CHANGED] Removed obsolete internal tool
[ FEATURE] Made a change in how Refox handles orders that are vat 0% and inc. vat.
[ FIXED] Fixed bug with credits
[ FIXED] Made a fix on how British Tax is handled for orders under 135 pounds
[ FIXED] GoogleFeed bug fixes
[ FIXED] Fixed translation typo
[ FIXED] Fixed a few bugs with TE triggers
[ FIXED] Purchase row account from supplier
[ FIXED] Allow status change for webshop orders only if it's appropriate
[ FIXED] Minor fix in picking view order list
[ FIXED] Custobar image url fix for customer
[ FIXED] Hotfixed purchase view
[ REMOVED] Removed obsolete internal tool
[ REMOVED] Cleaned up codebase

[ ADDED] Open purchase rows report.
[ ADDED] Attribute value price column for customer
[ ADDED] Crm real search
[ ADDED] translations
[ ADDED] Added mass select and deselect to product disallowed tab
[ ADDED] Added paylink functionalities for a customer
[ ADDED] Added used campaigns to sales view
[ ADDED] Added average purchase price fields to purchase view
[ ADDED] Added indication to the customers view to see if the customer reseller
[ ADDED] Ticket data SPC
[ ADDED] Added internal tooling
[ ADDED] CMS feature for article and content pages
[ ADDED] Added logging to sales payments
[ CHANGED] Update StockText package
[ CHANGED] Improved performance of product page
[ CHANGED] Improved ALV OSS report
[ CHANGED] buy_amount change
[ CHANGED] Increased accuracy of attribute value price field
[ CHANGED] CRM Controller cleanup.
[ FEATURE] Nshift delivery checkout print prepared labels
[ FIXED] fix attribute webshop_icon
[ FIXED] Roe rounding bug fix for customer view
[ FIXED] custobar bug fix
[ FIXED] Force new front page
[ FIXED] fix netvisor automation for customer
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in tuotteiden myynti report that caused current stock information to be incorrect
[ FIXED] Fixed issu with Netbox queue
[ FIXED] Small fix to datacollector and zoined.
[ FIXED] small reports fix
[ FIXED] CMS improvements
[ FIXED] Remove old printwidth for old payment terminals
[ FIXED] Netbox amount in frontpage cache key
[ FIXED] Fixed bug with attribute type edit dialog
[ FIXED] Fixed JS bug with frontpage
[ FIXED] Fixed bug in frontpage when no system sales were present
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific paylink rows
[ FIXED] CMS changes
[ REMOVED] remove deprecated web order identification logic

[ ADDED] Table migration to refox
[ ADDED] Info on purchase invoices about order status
[ ADDED] FLAG:Picking colors to orderview
[ ADDED] Webshop specific api_settings for payments
[ ADDED] Myschenker add reference
[ ADDED] Pricelist fix for customer
[ ADDED] Purchase generator option to allow adding products to manual orders flag
[ ADDED] Added user to Ticket_message
[ ADDED] Special saldocheck when ordered amount is changed. Flagged.
[ ADDED] DHLExpress added customerReference
[ ADDED] Added default country to be Finland for customers created by cashier quick create
[ CHANGED] Webshop stock disallow hide negative stock
[ FIXED] Memory limit increase for automatic process
[ FIXED] CRM Dashboard picture link fix
[ FIXED] Crm Guest bug fix
[ FIXED] Added translations
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with mtil report
[ FIXED] Filler script
[ FIXED] Table migration to
[ FIXED] Deleted unused field 'sales_price_discount_percent' from table editor
[ FIXED] Purchase row roe logic for customer
[ FIXED] Custobar bug fix

[ ADDED] Thumbnail original size
[ ADDED] Secure field for options
[ ADDED] Options field type password
[ ADDED] Webshop specific prices to be editable trough inspector
[ ADDED] Contact name to crmquest view
[ CHANGED] Crm ticket updated_at to dashboard
[ CHANGED] Customer order status redirection
[ FEATURE] Custobar options
[ FIXED] Allow disabling sorting of field headers in order view
[ FIXED] change device for order row fix in repo card view
[ FIXED] removed default from flag option
[ FIXED] Poll zendesk tickets more often
[ FIXED] Filter emojies from zendesk messages
[ FIXED] Receipt date fix
[ FIXED] Trigger pricecalculation for recently created supplier_products
[ FIXED] Force open button for picking "other orders" list
[ FIXED] Moveorder to split payments if backorder
[ FIXED] Remove duplicate billing cost rows from order when collating
[ FIXED] Supplier product stock calculation fix
[ FIXED] Frontpage quick numbers fixes
[ FIXED] OVT field for customer
[ FIXED] Hide repack from disallowed shipping when not active
[ FIXED] Zendesk integration inlineimage fix
[ FIXED] Custobar event fixes for customer
[ FIXED] Meta fields remove prepending space

[ ADDED] bundle dashboard
[ ADDED] Customer groups show customers right click option
[ ADDED] Webshop specific prices default fields to show in order view
[ ADDED] Table editor + inspector allow updating webshop specific prices
[ ADDED] closing sum visible in cashier open form
[ ADDED] Translations
[ ADDED] Klarnacapture for customer
[ ADDED] more sorting options to purchases order rows
[ CHANGED] DhlExpress changes
[ CHANGED] Report optimizing
[ FEATURE] Configurator copy to product
[ FEATURE] Message center for ticketing
[ FIXED] Update Stock texts package
[ FIXED] Quotation customer changes
[ FIXED] Pricelist changes for customer
[ FIXED] Filler code for customer
[ FIXED] remove text from quotations
[ FIXED] string delimiter replace
[ FIXED] change to finvoice epibei to be y-tunnus instead of vat
[ FIXED] Refox enum + Options date and datetime
[ FIXED] Own prints filenames to be more dynamic
[ FIXED] Small fix on reportscontroller
[ FIXED] Reports for customer
[ FIXED] Fix master picking not listening to flags
[ FIXED] stocklocation to sales order view
[ FIXED] Affiliate report
[ FIXED] currency rate automation changes for customer
[ FIXED] Campaign for customer
[ FIXED] devices to repolist on order view
[ FIXED] repo status + comments to salesview
[ FIXED] Fixed giftcard to remove sum if delivered < 0
[ FIXED] insupplierstock_text ja description
[ FIXED] removed placeholder
[ FIXED] Enable googlefeed for customer
[ FIXED] netvisor fix

[ ADDED] Show old prints in sales for supported delivery companies
[ ADDED] Custom report for customer
[ ADDED] customer reference addition
[ ADDED] add id to currencies list
[ ADDED] add product_clicks as custom attribute to customer feeds
[ ADDED] PdfMerger additional tags to files
[ ADDED] Netvisor open invoices import
[ ADDED] Repo recurring add enums and translations
[ ADDED] Added support for uploading wemb, ogg, mp4 videos on product (requires implementation for webshop, before use)
[ ADDED] buyer phone number to custom prints
[ CHANGED] add products with order 0 flag
[ CHANGED] hide inactive users from purchases confirmed by dropdown
[ CHANGED] Row below target alert to show name instead of number
[ CHANGED] Customer group edit - preopen product group chain if any children checked
[ CHANGED] hide products with updated price in priceshape manager
[ FEATURE] Possibility to limit supplier pricelist to only affect product with selected supplier.
[ FEATURE] payments sync v2 for customer
[ FEATURE] Repo recurring events
[ FEATURE] Search builder for serverside datatables
[ FEATURE] Report for products in stock and not sold for x days
[ FIXED] LeanwareSCM - chunksize
[ FIXED] Optimize prisync integration manager
[ FIXED] LeanwareSCM - invoice delivery status
[ FIXED] addon to autotrims for customer
[ FIXED] character replace fix
[ FIXED] Vatspec fix
[ FIXED] Fixed all_pictures custom field in customer feeds
[ FIXED] Sales view payments now support multiple currencies
[ FIXED] Fixed join on stockalerts.
[ FIXED] Fix pricelist route
[ FIXED] RepoRecurring - hard limits so clogging db is not possible
[ FIXED] More compact column widths in datatable pdf export
[ FIXED] Disallow invoice print for anon user if no invoice_number
[ FIXED] Fix paymentsvalue
[ FIXED] fixed typo
[ FIXED] Fix sales payments syncer
[ FIXED] blockeditor bug fix

[ ADDED] Added custom stuff to A5 letter print
[ ADDED] added possibility to mass change names on purchases rows.
[ ADDED] Added shipment controller support to master picking massprints
[ ADDED] Added support for avg purchase price to new webshop
[ ADDED] Added discount price to purchase order rows.
[ ADDED] Added invoice statistics to supplier view
[ CHANGED] Changed purchase backorder to refresh view
[ CHANGED] Fidaware - allow stock filling to any storage
[ CHANGED] Small improvements to product editor
[ FIXED] Fixed issue where webshop sale would be overpaid
[ FIXED] Fixed a few issues with product review requests
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in report
[ FIXED] Fixed sprint view drag & drop
[ FIXED] Fidaware - disallow sending sales order message without any rows

[ ADDED] Added heatmap to products sold report
[ ADDED] Added customer specific customization to campaigns
[ CHANGED] Optimized sprint view
[ CHANGED] Reverted previous changes to product clicks graph
[ CHANGED] Improved support for new webshops in new stockalert system
[ CHANGED] Added product activity alert to purchase excel import
[ CHANGED] Minor improvements to price calculation tests
[ CHANGED] Changed custom prints to notify about missing order instead of crashing
[ CHANGED] Don't do taxjar check in staging
[ CHANGED] Activated vestergaard supplier product integration
[ CHANGED] Updated internal packages
[ CHANGED] LeanwareSCM - purchase deliveryStatus and sync status filtering improvements
[ CHANGED] Minor improvements to create new product dialog
[ FEATURE] Added filtering reasons to reship API
[ FIXED] Minor refactor on stockalerts
[ FIXED] Fixed multiple issues in client feeds
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with product cards webshop selector name
[ FIXED] Customer specific import
[ FIXED] Added product review requests to custom crons
[ FIXED] Fixed a delivery_branch issue in cashier

[ ADDED] Added EAN-field to kiikari
[ ADDED] Added giftcard payment event list to giftcard view
[ ADDED] Added advanced batch to old prints and procountor
[ ADDED] Added NO campaigns to new shop
[ ADDED] Added giftcard number to payments list
[ ADDED] Added experimental backlog table to CRM
[ ADDED] Added total roe to frontpage quick numbers
[ ADDED] PostiWMS - added logging
[ CHANGED] Improved deployment pipeline
[ CHANGED] Improved database structure for giftcards
[ CHANGED] Changed product search to show trigger campaign discount percent
[ CHANGED] Changed WMS sales order confirmation to not move handled invoice back to PQ status
[ CHANGED] Disallowed slahes in product number field
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific price calculation logic
[ CHANGED] Changed OVH field to show in currency instead of in euros
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific payment terminal configuration
[ CHANGED] Changed cashier receipts to always show total with vat for discount rows, despite vatless environment
[ CHANGED] TaxJar - added alarm systems
[ FIXED] Fixed mailerdialog error for a customer
[ FIXED] Fixed product copy thumbnail generation
[ FIXED] Hotfixed dynamic target=_blank adding
[ FIXED] Hotfixed custom prints
[ FIXED] Fixed OVH price fetch if webshop specific pricing
[ FIXED] Hotfixed deploy
[ FIXED] Customer specific rounding configuration
[ FIXED] Fixed autogeneration of partialpayment product
[ FIXED] Hotfixed deploy

[ ADDED] Added button to sales view reserved and purchased fields to list sales and purchases in a popup that affect those values
[ ADDED] Added functionality to customer specific integration endpoint
[ ADDED] Improved reward points feature
[ ADDED] Added a debugging tool for price calculation
[ ADDED] Added automated tests for price calculation
[ ADDED] Improved functionality of reward points feature
[ ADDED] Added taxes to Custobar-integration event
[ ADDED] Added Klarana capture for a customer
[ ADDED] Improved Klarana capture
[ ADDED] Added more charts to Vertailija
[ ADDED] Improvements to Zoho-integration
[ ADDED] Added possibility to create customer contact from sale-view
[ ADDED] Added purchase price seconday for product card
[ ADDED] Added helping text for picking row colors
[ ADDED] Implemented SUPPLIER_PRICELISTS.view_stock to products search
[ ADDED] Implemented SUPPLIER_PRICELISTS.view_stock to sales
[ ADDED] Added flag for archiving Netvisor PDF files automatically
[ ADDED] Added auto generation of partial payment product
[ ADDED] Improved system notifications responsiveness
[ ADDED] Added requirements for report inputs
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific Netvisor integration behaviour
[ CHANGED] Enabled customer specific supplier product feed
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific integration price calculation logic
[ CHANGED] Purchase view query optimization
[ CHANGED] Changed purchase row focusing to focus row ordered by default
[ CHANGED] Changed LeanwareSCM integration to avoid leaving sales open
[ CHANGED] Improved purchase generation automation and activated it for a client
[ CHANGED] Changed Custobar-integration shipping costs logic
[ CHANGED] Made changes to DHL-integration
[ CHANGED] Changed minor feature in customer reward points to customer specific
[ CHANGED] Changed custobar integration group restrictions
[ CHANGED] Added supplier codes to inspector (tirkistelijä)
[ CHANGED] Open links in a new tab if specified under user settings
[ FIXED] Fixed encoding error in Google feed
[ FIXED] Fixed issu where negatvie rows didin't transfer to backorder
[ FIXED] Fixed row seller not changing automatically in cashier
[ FIXED] Fixed internal tool error
[ FIXED] Fixed internal tool error
[ FIXED] Fixed 2 rare but critical issues in price calculation
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with sale-view row table column hiding
[ FIXED] Fixed Article-view show in webshop button link
[ FIXED] Fixed date comparison for a report
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific supplier pricelist
[ FIXED] Fixed internal feature enabling tool
[ FIXED] Fixed nimilappu excel generation
[ REMOVED] Removed customer specific cashier customization
[ REMOVED] Removed customer specific cashier customization
[ REMOVED] Removed customer specific cashier customization

[ ADDED] Added error handling when opening missing repo-card
[ ADDED] Changed golli integration to consider customer default seller
[ ADDED] Feeds for customer
[ ADDED] Added boilerplate for nshift DeliveryCheckout
[ ADDED] Promotiontool template
[ ADDED] Format selector for thumbnails control page
[ ADDED] Thumbnail type FEED
[ ADDED] Testing Facebook Prophet forecasting tools
[ ADDED] include inactive button for inventory tool
[ ADDED] Added device quick create to repo card
[ ADDED] Improved Articels-view product search logic
[ ADDED] Added new field "free_text_before_lines" to custom prints
[ ADDED] Webshop specific route redirects
[ ADDED] Customer report for customer
[ ADDED] Netbox files table for customer frontpage
[ ADDED] Cache reset button for new webshop
[ ADDED] Added base logic for currency specific pricing
[ ADDED] Producteditor to specific customer
[ ADDED] Disallowed shipping and payment methods to product page
[ ADDED] Added load indicator to purchase copy
[ ADDED] Added purchasemaker-tool (ReBuy)
[ CHANGED] Changes to frontpage.
[ CHANGED] Changed Options/Facebookfeed description
[ CHANGED] Changed finvoice handling that creates purchase invoices, to fix character encoding issues
[ CHANGED] Changed repo view to remember portlet state
[ CHANGED] Customer feeds pdf files in their own column
[ CHANGED] Disabled picking interrupt for a client
[ CHANGED] DBShenker pickup point search changes
[ CHANGED] Order status rules for customer
[ CHANGED] Cleaned up some code on Maker.
[ CHANGED] Various improvements to mailchimp integration
[ FEATURE] DHL Express integration
[ FIXED] Fixed thumbnail generation to not stretch images if both width and height are specified
[ FIXED] Fixed stockitem updates in leanware scm integration
[ FIXED] visual updates
[ FIXED] statistics bug fix
[ FIXED] Fixed purchases mail logging
[ FIXED] Fixed bug with branch stock value report
[ FIXED] optimizing
[ FIXED] optimized attribute tab load time on product page
[ FIXED] Fixed employee discount blockking feature
[ FIXED] Fixed webshop_id population for customer
[ FIXED] Fixed various issues in purchase automation
[ FIXED] Report export excel and pdf footer fix
[ FIXED] Blocked integration email event in staging
[ FIXED] Auto process roe notifications
[ REMOVED] Disabled discontinued supplier feed

[ ADDED] Added frontend for global sitetag for GA4
[ ADDED] Added support for old style reference lists for Netbox
[ ADDED] added release_date column for product
[ ADDED] Added kanban to all_dt.blade
[ ADDED] Added support for finding best discount from multiple trigger events
[ ADDED] Customer specific customization
[ ADDED] Added choose all button to disallowed shipping view
[ ADDED] Added warning if opening disallowed shipping without saving product
[ ADDED] Customer specific customization
[ ADDED] Customer spcific filler code
[ ADDED] Added orders for customer specific Custobar integration
[ CHANGED] Made changes to attribute-view to show other language names if default name is empty.
[ CHANGED] Changed cashier to give cash discounts per vat
[ CHANGED] SCM date change
[ CHANGED] rename column
[ FEATURE] automatic netbox message processing features
[ FEATURE] percent change editing of purchase and reseller price from inspector
[ FIXED] employ discount limit feature for customer
[ FIXED] allow selection of multiple sellers for multiple reports
[ FIXED] quantitity change for custobar
[ FIXED] variation stock and number columns to relation listing for customer
[ FIXED] Fixed HTML for disallowed shipping view
[ FIXED] Fixed invoice massprint duplicate invoice number bug
[ FIXED] Fixed some issues with pricing on customer groups and cashier
[ FIXED] Fixed difference-edit to save textarea.
[ FIXED] fix customer discounts table rendering after release_date addition to product
[ FIXED] blocked invalid netbox message error from being sent to netbox
[ FIXED] Fixed bymonth report when financial year is not start of the year
[ FIXED] Fixed Procountor language mapping for customer
[ FIXED] inventory visual decimal bug fix
[ FIXED] purchase_quotation setting to control visibility of said feature
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug with users tab in repo view
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug with setting alt texts for product picture
[ FIXED] LeanwareSCM - fix typo that doesnt seem to cause any problem
[ FIXED] Mtil report bug fix
[ FIXED] Product group selector for stockvalue report
[ FIXED] Fixed purchase invoice payment account listing pre select bug
[ REMOVED] removed unused code
[ REMOVED] Removed customer specific hard coding

[ ADDED] Added customer specific customization to supplier-view
[ ADDED] Added new field to webshop_settings
[ ADDED] Added supplier reference and description fields to purchase list
[ ADDED] Added purchase automation for a client
[ ADDED] Quotation kanban V1.0
[ CHANGED] Changed product clicks graph
[ CHANGED] Changed customer payment terminal receipt width
[ CHANGED] Changed REDO notifications.
[ CHANGED] Changed customer payment terminal receipt width
[ CHANGED] Changed quotation print for a client
[ CHANGED] Updates to barona integration
[ CHANGED] Changed customer payment terminal receipt width
[ CHANGED] Slight load optimization of product view
[ CHANGED] Made notification for active Redos and changed so that checked redos older than 30days are not visible.
[ FIXED] Fixed Enterkey-press on product search
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with page notifications
[ FIXED] Fixed customer group list error
[ FIXED] Opening a sales order to cashier keeps the customer name
[ FIXED] Fixed netbox purchase invoice transfer file supplier Ctry to read data from database, instead of using a hardcoded FI
[ FIXED] Fixed baseurls for new egiftcards system
[ FIXED] customer search bug fix
[ FIXED] ProductWorkQueue fix
[ FIXED] Made fix on Customer Group Discounts not using standard sales price in calculation.
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue in matkahuolto prints with multiple packages
[ FIXED] Hotfixed previous release
[ FIXED] fixed Campaign-data-fetcher to also fetch v2 webshop data
[ FIXED] Attribute value names update correctly
[ FIXED] Fixed options description
[ REMOVED] Removed customer specific custmization from cashier

[ ADDED] Product type to godmode search
[ ADDED] ALV OSS report
[ ADDED] Added default seller to customer group listing
[ ADDED] Added internal tool installation
[ CHANGED] Ean code appearance in custom prints
[ CHANGED] Better attachment support for new email system
[ CHANGED] Few minor changes to leanware scm integration to improve stock transfer logic
[ FEATURE] New tools for e-giftcards
[ FIXED] Export to Excel take all the rows
[ FIXED] Fixed picking ready custom prints flag
[ REMOVED] Disabled customer specific automatic pricelist

[ ADDED] Updated internal package
[ ADDED] Added _x000D_-character filtering to supplier supplier product list
[ ADDED] Added Klarna capture for a customer
[ ADDED] Added internal tool for stock text handling
[ ADDED] Added locale to customer specific google feeds
[ ADDED] Added user visibility helper functions to sales
[ ADDED] Added attributes to customer api feed
[ ADDED] Added LDR excel fill view
[ ADDED] Updates to PriceShape-integration
[ ADDED] Added a simple view for a checklist of todo for configuring a new webshop
[ ADDED] Added product id to supplier products product info updating
[ ADDED] Added functionality to customer specific aspa logic
[ ADDED] Added stock text descriptions to new webshop
[ CHANGED] Changed product picture filename naming to prioritize product name
[ CHANGED] Changed WMS salesorderconfirmation processing to skip backorder in a special case
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific giftcard logic
[ CHANGED] Changes to custobar shipping cost return
[ FEATURE] Added branch stock zeroing, can be enabled with flag
[ FEATURE] Added sitemap-generation for a customer
[ FIXED] Added logging to internal tool
[ FIXED] Updated user hiding logic in purchase view to follow same rules as sales
[ FIXED] Fixed automated supplier feeds for customer
[ FIXED] Fixed a letter_percent bug in reship
[ FIXED] Fixed rare issue with picking ready-button not working
[ FIXED] Fixed transport_emission_factor calculation in carbon footprint
[ FIXED] Added additional product codes for customer
[ FIXED] Fixed purchases row roe-calculation formula
[ FIXED] Fixed Kiikari-tool webshop filtering
[ FIXED] Fixed customerdiscounts-view search
[ FIXED] Fixed customer views registered field to show correct information
[ FIXED] Fixed statistics for a custom report
[ FIXED] Fixed cashier sales price calculation in a case where product has discount price set but discount percent is found from customer or customergroup pricing
[ REMOVED] Reverted changes that caused /customers-list to slow down

[ ADDED] Added new carbon footprint fields to products list
[ ADDED] Added new label 52x32mm A4 with type information
[ ADDED] Added new features to article view
[ ADDED] Added articles to work as pages
[ ADDED] Updated internal tool package
[ ADDED] Added "buy also - cart" section to product relations
[ ADDED] Implemented user hiding to sales user lists
[ ADDED] Added package weights to package selector
[ ADDED] Quotation kanban testing
[ ADDED] Added link to article in articele view
[ ADDED] Questionare viewer
[ ADDED] Customer specific script to fix duplicate product numbers
[ ADDED] Customer specific automated pricelist
[ ADDED] Customer specific Procountor-integration unit mapping
[ ADDED] Added ordering and indent for customer groups in customer view
[ ADDED] ROE calculation to reseller price and dealer price
[ ADDED] Updated internal packages
[ ADDED] Added possibility for Refox to send stockalerts
[ ADDED] Added flag for enabling text-editor for shipping descriptions
[ ADDED] Added customer specific text editor
[ ADDED] Added secondary description for product groups
[ ADDED] Added roe fields to purchase rows
[ ADDED] Added size table to work with variation generator v3
[ ADDED] added serial numbers to Finvoice.
[ CHANGED] Moved 5 content manager fields from db to blade templates
[ CHANGED] Remove shake from questionare
[ CHANGED] Changed repo time slot suggestion to offset time suggestions to at least the next day for a client
[ CHANGED] Changed cashier to remember the amount of cash paid if card payment was cancelled
[ CHANGED] Changed leanware scm integration to send data in smaller chunks
[ CHANGED] Made product barcode reading to purchase more fluid by focusing next row product number field automatically
[ CHANGED] Removed unused fields from product pictures
[ CHANGED] Changed finvoice to read PaymentOverDueFinePercent from branch
[ CHANGED] Minor changes to 51x19mm label
[ CHANGED] Minor label changes
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific automated pricelist suppliers
[ CHANGED] Changed order of generating order and invoice numbers to avoid duplicates
[ FEATURE] Added Resur bank-integration to cashier
[ FEATURE] Added supplier groups
[ FIXED] Fixed newukeep date change if annual.
[ FIXED] Fixed registered-info to show correctly in customers list
[ FIXED] Fixed sales/purchases add from excel to work ccorrectly with vat 0 purchase prices
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific feed column error
[ FIXED] Fixed hardcoded statistics values for customer
[ FIXED] Einvoice address lookup to support multiple addresses
[ FIXED] Fixed a few minor issues in new webshop admin
[ FIXED] Fixed atr values legacy name saving
[ REMOVED] Removed searchPanes from /pricelist-view

[ ADDED] dokumentation links to options view
[ ADDED] Added Kärkkäinen for Tradeconnector
[ ADDED] Added OVH field to custom prints
[ ADDED] added customer specific google feed
[ ADDED] Added possibility to copy EAN code from sales order view
[ ADDED] Added a flag to repo that enables new repo cards to be linked to all repo group users
[ ADDED] Added group filter to products sold report
[ ADDED] refresh button for frontpage graphs
[ ADDED] Added flag to configure sales account linking feature without turning it on
[ ADDED] Added kärkkäinen to tradeconnector
[ ADDED] translations automation
[ ADDED] added english translations
[ ADDED] added extra description field for customer
[ ADDED] Added a free_stock field to jakeluraportti
[ CHANGED] Changed CRM sprints order in internal tool
[ CHANGED] Made campaign/controlpanel to open faster for a client
[ CHANGED] updated genericCustobar picture logic
[ CHANGED] cleaned up messages file
[ CHANGED] move_to_invoice mass action to act same as on singular order
[ CHANGED] Supplier feed changes
[ CHANGED] Changed bookgt for reference payments.
[ FEATURE] configurable facebook feed
[ FEATURE] configurable google feed
[ FEATURE] Added customer satisfaction questionare
[ FEATURE] b-stock return quality for customer
[ FIXED] ups bug fix
[ FIXED] duplicate order number fix
[ FIXED] workqueue changes
[ FIXED] Fixed visual issue in reship where postal codes weren't zero padded
[ FIXED] Fixed a sentry bug
[ FIXED] Fixed a sentry bug
[ FIXED] Fixed a sentry bug
[ FIXED] Fixed product view purchased popup to work exactly like stock calculation
[ FIXED] Fixed a crash with cancelPicking that occurred when there were no operations to be done
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug with picking backorder payment handling
[ FIXED] article thumbnail route fix
[ FIXED] Fixed a letter_percent bug in reship where letter_percent 0 wasn't considered as non-shippable in a letter
[ FIXED] fixed supplier pricelist savetoproduct for special columns
[ FIXED] supplier products language data fields logic fixes
[ FIXED] pickupparcel fixes for customer
[ FIXED] Fixed /attributes-view text editor
[ FIXED] Fixed branch opening hours editin when no opening hours row to clone exists
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with logitrail integration where B2B sales were moved to paid invoices
[ FIXED] consumer and retailer columns to mtil report
[ FIXED] Fixed purchases table sorting by estimated delivery date
[ FIXED] additions to nametag order flow
[ FIXED] Fixed bug in internal tool
[ REMOVED] Removed €-sign from stock by supplier report footer

[ ADDED] Added information to repo calendar event popup (custom prints, orderer information)
[ ADDED] Added 2 new device related fields to custom prints
[ ADDED] Added shipping fields to quotation and invoice listings
[ ADDED] Improved link pathing in list orders by product views
[ ADDED] Added customer phone and email to repo card
[ ADDED] combine buyer_reference on collate for customer
[ ADDED] priceshape integration
[ ADDED] Resursbank integration for old webshops
[ ADDED] customer_address_book for webshops customers
[ ADDED] Added repo cards to main search
[ ADDED] Added character limit cut to products type in finvoice
[ CHANGED] Enabled invoicing costs for customer
[ CHANGED] Optimized translations:init command
[ CHANGED] changes in orderflow for customer
[ CHANGED] Changed product picture name to contain a part of the original filename
[ CHANGED] keep state info in anonymisation
[ CHANGED] quotation valid changes for customer
[ CHANGED] Changed button text that enables text-editor in attribute list view
[ FIXED] Improved date picking for repo calendar
[ FIXED] minor bug fix in feed
[ FIXED] Fixed minor visual bug in custom prints
[ FIXED] digiaspal changes
[ FIXED] original delivery date
[ FIXED] shipit issue
[ FIXED] Improved fake transaction duplicate checker in leanware scm integration, to enable rerun of creation function
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue in repo calendar where shipping icon overlapped text
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific compounding discount bug
[ FIXED] Fixed bug when product card doesn't open with incorrect system configuration
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue in leanware scm integration where sending too much data in one request caused a crash
[ FIXED] Fixed purchase price mapping in leanware scm integration, in case where client does not have average purchase price functionality on
[ FIXED] updated link for feed
[ FIXED] update command changes
[ FIXED] Fixes customer specific bug which duplicated fields in table-editor
[ FIXED] Fixed many issues with serial number presave check, to improve flow in more complicated sale cases
[ FIXED] added new field

[ ADDED] Customer specific shipping costs code
[ ADDED] Added purchase price to reship API responses
[ ADDED] Added new factor to carbon footprint calculation and roe compensation fields
[ ADDED] Added orderoffer import functionality to maplet integration
[ ADDED] Added customer specific campaign code
[ ADDED] Added sticky column to report
[ ADDED] Added letter percent functionality and filtering to reship
[ ADDED] Added sales_account to products configurator
[ ADDED] Added alt-text field to product pictures
[ ADDED] Added a script that updates sales row sales accounts for more correct OSS report
[ ADDED] added custobar Event
[ CHANGED] Customer feed optimizing
[ CHANGED] Google product taxonomy field from free text to search
[ CHANGED] Improved product configurator tool technical implementation
[ CHANGED] Removed automatic Klarna Capture for one specific customer
[ CHANGED] improved refox launch command
[ FEATURE] Added new tool to check delivered and invoiced Klarna-orders
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with products merge
[ FIXED] Fixed Unifaun special characters error
[ FIXED] Changed LeanwareSCM integration to send negative stock transfer rows as pseudo outbound
[ FIXED] Added cart information and disallowed shipping / disallowed country filtering to reship
[ FIXED] Fixed a crash in taxjar tax calculation that was caused by temporary campaign code
[ FIXED] Max execution time increase
[ FIXED] missing id fix
[ FIXED] Filler code
[ FIXED] Fixed Netbox e-invoice information tool bug
[ FIXED] Eschenker bug fix
[ FIXED] Aspal sticker printing option
[ FIXED] Added ENOT unifaun service for customer
[ FIXED] Various improvements to LeanwareSCM integration start function
[ FIXED] taking feed language in count while generating url
[ FIXED] reverted feature
[ FIXED] fixed campaing eq selection
[ FIXED] custobar small bug fix
[ FIXED] product url fix

[ ADDED] import code
[ ADDED] Added headings to custom prints
[ ADDED] Added reimburse automation tools to amazon integration
[ ADDED] Translations
[ ADDED] Print button to repo timeline
[ ADDED] Customer specific bundle product
[ ADDED] Added customer sprcific price change to labels
[ ADDED] redirects for customer
[ ADDED] added bundle update script
[ ADDED] Added possibility to take labels by stock for products in purchase order
[ ADDED] Improved message queue to support eager processing
[ ADDED] Customer specific data import script
[ ADDED] enable paymentterminals for customer
[ ADDED] Added shopify order count to picking if shopify integration active
[ ADDED] Added logger for CRM-tool
[ ADDED] Added 51x19 label
[ ADDED] Version variation generator mass select options
[ ADDED] Omnibus verification for old reviews
[ ADDED] Customer specific customization
[ ADDED] Options implement iterator for ease of use
[ ADDED] column listing feature for options feature
[ ADDED] Improved internal documentation
[ ADDED] Added possibility to take 1x label for products in purchase order
[ ADDED] Added secondary description summernote for customer
[ CHANGED] Category webshop link changes
[ CHANGED] Update enum package
[ CHANGED] Disabled customer specific product purchase price auto update
[ CHANGED] Changed Netvisor default for one customer
[ CHANGED] Changed feature for discount calculations for one customer
[ CHANGED] Updated packages
[ CHANGED] Changed route type
[ CHANGED] allow editing source of redirects
[ CHANGED] decrease default package volume
[ CHANGED] remove unknown country selection from product wizard
[ CHANGED] Custobar changes for customer
[ CHANGED] DBSchenker only update pickuppoint code
[ CHANGED] Changed customers supplier feed URL
[ CHANGED] value helper for Options feature
[ FEATURE] Add customer group specific payment method limitations for new webshop
[ FEATURE] Add customizable channable feed
[ FEATURE] SPC-dashboard for CRM
[ FIXED] Added trimming for Netvisor integration comment length
[ FIXED] Netvisor update invalidated cashier sales after invalidation
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in Reship expense table priority logic
[ FIXED] Fixed faulty data in computed UI field in Reship
[ FIXED] Fixed a page crash in repo calendar and did query optimization
[ FIXED] Fixed config file formatting
[ FIXED] Fixed empty destcription saving as

[ FIXED] Fixed Prisync view not opening
[ FIXED] disable money discount options when restricting product groups in campaigns
[ FIXED] reports bug fix
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with labels
[ FIXED] Confirm
[ FIXED] Added 15 missing language data relation creations to language creation
[ FIXED] Add agreement number to Procountor integration
[ FIXED] Fixed minor issues in leanware SCM integration
[ FIXED] Fixed a problem with some callback Urls

[ ADDED] Added webshop context selector to cashier
[ ADDED] Tested refund tools for amazon integration
[ ADDED] Improved DHL-integration error handling
[ ADDED] Added error logging to internal tool
[ ADDED] Added callbackUrls for paytrail
[ ADDED] Added EAN-code to comments in customer specific Procountor-integration
[ CHANGED] Improved webshop specific shipping costs activation logic
[ CHANGED] Advanced batch swal to close dialog
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific Netvisor-integration status rules
[ FIXED] Fixed issue where deleting attributevalue pictures didin't work
[ FIXED] Attribute value picture save-button fix
[ FIXED] Fixed a select field layout bug caused by webshop content management demo
[ FIXED] Customer specific picture order fix
[ FIXED] Fixed a minor bug
[ FIXED] Added bill of sale print to visma sign integration
[ FIXED] Fixed repack price calculation in rare cases
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with new webshop stock calculation
[ FIXED] Customer specific change to variation generator
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with nordic alphabet in DHL-integration
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with internal automated command

[ ADDED] Add separate orderer phone number field to sales view
[ ADDED] Reship - make state selector more readable
[ ADDED] all picture names to customer feeds
[ ADDED] feedname to importsettings
[ ADDED] Added Effect accessor
[ ADDED] New internal command for update deploy
[ ADDED] Improved previously added internal command
[ ADDED] Added advancedbatch-feature to work in inventory
[ ADDED] better error messages for procountor
[ ADDED] Amazon refund tools
[ ADDED] Reship - improve overlapping expense table priorization logic
[ ADDED] Added trimming of empty space for Procountor integration fields
[ ADDED] author_name to web articles
[ ADDED] custobar price logic for customer
[ ADDED] Added possibility to create product links
[ ADDED] Filler code for a data fix
[ ADDED] custobar cashier registration mails for customer
[ CHANGED] Customer specific reseller price changes
[ CHANGED] Changed how Netvisor integration works for a customer
[ CHANGED] readability changes
[ CHANGED] Changed status of sent invoices in Netvisor integration for customer
[ CHANGED] wysiwyg editor disable for customer
[ FEATURE] ability to manually update supplier pricelists
[ FEATURE] Webshop content management system alpha
[ FIXED] Shipit-integration fixed to work with negative values
[ FIXED] attribute color picker fix
[ FIXED] Fixed scrollbar in ReDo
[ FIXED] Fixed typo in a package
[ FIXED] Customer specific feed generation fix
[ FIXED] Move a migration to appropriate place
[ FIXED] Added supplier search
[ FIXED] Fixed unit_price for automatic purchase creation

[ ADDED] pickup address configuration for customer
[ ADDED] Added readonly fields to reship expense table and persist currency / vat%
[ ADDED] Updated enums
[ ADDED] Enabled package size control for shipit
[ ADDED] added Supllier pricelists
[ ADDED] Added automatic running of FB thumbnails for one customer
[ ADDED] einvoice adress whitespace check
[ ADDED] Added LDR integration debug tool
[ ADDED] Accessory relation for customer
[ ADDED] Added dialog to ruohonjuuri import where user can choose to use refox price calculation if desired
[ ADDED] Added cash sales to buy amount 14 calculation
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific Netvisor rules
[ CHANGED] procountor api update
[ FEATURE] Added refox todo list
[ FEATURE] Customer group restrictions, shipping
[ FIXED] DBShenker bug fix
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with country specific vat-account links
[ FIXED] Fixed small probability for purchase row data loss
[ FIXED] inspector atribute value fix
[ FIXED] netbox fronpage archive fix
[ FIXED] Fixed redirection bug in reship
[ FIXED] Fixed purchase price processing in reship
[ FIXED] Fixed a font face issue in custom prints where client device does not have Noto Sans
[ FIXED] Issue where frontpage quicknumber showed doubled value
[ REMOVED] removed old code

[ ADDED] Import-tools for new Customer
[ ADDED] Added way to regenerate product thumbnails
[ ADDED] product work queu sortable by queue
[ ADDED] Added customer specific product descriptions
[ ADDED] Added info-helpers to timed event-view
[ ADDED] Added moneycounter to cashier open
[ ADDED] Added translations
[ ADDED] Added logging for internal component
[ ADDED] Tool to check for web-products that are out of stock
[ ADDED] Added button for regenerating thumbnails for product pictures
[ ADDED] Added customer specific option to change order status
[ ADDED] Added info-helpers to new order trigger page
[ ADDED] Added variation generator to use variation group product attributes
[ ADDED] Added success notification for "send picker info"-button in sales-view
[ ADDED] Optimized CRM Guest-view
[ ADDED] Added option to hide fields in Variation generator v3
[ ADDED] Added info-helpers
[ ADDED] Added customer specific Netvisor-integration rules
[ ADDED] Procountor factoring contract for customer
[ ADDED] Hide reseller web added as possibility on product. Needs custom code with customer webshop
[ CHANGED] netvisor account mapping
[ CHANGED] Changed CRM-view save button color change logic
[ CHANGED] Changed inventory excel download link to button
[ CHANGED] Removed option to change receipt number in purchase invoices
[ CHANGED] Changes to product work queue
[ CHANGED] visual changes to product work queue
[ CHANGED] Changed sizetable page layout
[ CHANGED] Removed option to merge purchase invoices
[ DEPRACATED] Removed costpool from settings
[ FEATURE] Visma sign integration first version
[ FEATURE] Maplet integration first version
[ FEATURE] DB Schenker Myschenker integration
[ FEATURE] Custom prints copy field button
[ FIXED] added exception handling
[ FIXED] Attribute names visibility in productcard
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific supplier feed
[ FIXED] Fixed purchasing tool supplier search
[ FIXED] Fixed attribute group ordering in productcard
[ FIXED] Fixed legacy support for new attribute view
[ FIXED] Procountor currency value fix
[ FIXED] product import code
[ FIXED] minor upgrades
[ FIXED] Fixed invalid database migration
[ REMOVED] Removed customer specific customization
[ REMOVED] Removed option to delete purchase invoices

[ ADDED] Added row value to Productlist-function i sales.
[ ADDED] Added actions to custom prints
[ ADDED] import code
[ ADDED] Added some quotation tools to CRM
[ ADDED] Added possibility to use Buycount in refox
[ ADDED] webshop specific customers
[ ADDED] Added billing customer memo to sales view
[ ADDED] supplier product price logic
[ CHANGED] display prisync error messages more clearly
[ CHANGED] update pickuppoint logic
[ CHANGED] hide fields for customer
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific attribute quick create seperator
[ CHANGED] supplier pricelist changes
[ CHANGED] Improved supplier products data structure
[ CHANGED] Changed styling of storages in product quicksearch
[ CHANGED] Hide certain customers from CRM for statistics reasons
[ FEATURE] refox options feature demo
[ FIXED] finvoice receiver fix
[ FIXED] return db schenker errors better
[ FIXED] Fixed logic error in reship expense table search
[ FIXED] cmt total for purchase
[ FIXED] Fixed a problem where manufactors would not show up in product view
[ FIXED] Fixed an error in product search
[ FIXED] minor bug fix
[ FIXED] fix new attributes view
[ FIXED] dbschenker pickuppoint search
[ FIXED] Fixed product view hide storage functionality
[ FIXED] Fixed various small bugs in reship expense table view
[ FIXED] Hotfixed roe calc in product view
[ FIXED] custobar language fix
[ FIXED] mail events
[ FIXED] Changed Reship transport cost to use order view language
[ FIXED] Fixed typos in webdownload
[ FIXED] Added support to supplier product stocks to product ajax list
[ FIXED] description image logic
[ FIXED] sentry fix
[ FIXED] sentry fix
[ FIXED] sentry fix
[ FIXED] Rewrote page notifications background process
[ FIXED] sentry fix
[ FIXED] relation bug fix
[ FIXED] update enum package
[ FIXED] Fixed minor netvisor bug
[ FIXED] sentry bug fix
[ REMOVED] Removed possibility to give discounted unit price to a whole group in customer discounts

[ ADDED] Added link to repo-card in sales view
[ ADDED] Added delivery branch validation to sales collate
[ ADDED] Added purchase price netto sum row to modular product's variation list
[ ADDED] Added customer specific modification to Netvisor-integration
[ ADDED] Translation manager enviroment selector
[ ADDED] Added template field to CONTENT_MANAGER to improve html handling
[ ADDED] Added free text before lines for Netvisor integration
[ ADDED] System notifications bulk actions
[ CHANGED] Attributes Add attribute groups + new management view
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific SMS functionality
[ CHANGED] Attributes product view grouping
[ FEATURE] Added purchase, purchase row, sales, sales row delete endpoint implementations to LeanwareSCM
[ FEATURE] Added feature to refox that allows supplier pricelist stocks to be configured to be viewed in purhcase and product views
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue when taking invoice print that sometimes caused input fields to not be refreshed
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with Product wizard
[ FIXED] Removed logging from CAPI integration due to spam
[ FIXED] Improved performance of new attribute view
[ FIXED] Improved add new product dialog product group selector to work in full depth
[ FIXED] Fixed product supplier list to list only suppliers, not manufactors
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in purchase view where rows that were not linked to any product were not saved properly
[ FIXED] Fixed page crash in product version view
[ FIXED] sentry bug fix
[ REMOVED] Removed unecessary flag-option

[ ADDED] matkahuoolto to include shipping country
[ ADDED] Added custom prints functionality to repo-view
[ ADDED] Added new report - Sales by shipment
[ ADDED] Added possibility to print customer labels from customer groups
[ ADDED] added manufactor filter to stock by supplier report
[ ADDED] Added customer specific price change function
[ ADDED] customer group type enum
[ ADDED] Added customer specific third and fourth description to products
[ ADDED] filler code
[ ADDED] has purchased flag to product_reviews for omnibus
[ ADDED] Added email functionality to repo-view
[ ADDED] minimum purchase amount to customer_group
[ ADDED] more customer data to cashier flag
[ ADDED] Added noindex,nofollow to response headers, to hide refox from search engines
[ ADDED] faq component
[ ADDED] Added file name visible to Purchase Invoice attachement btn
[ ADDED] filler code
[ CHANGED] Product view fill inventory_date after inventory stock alteration
[ CHANGED] Changed "Open To Cashier" to work more logically
[ CHANGED] procountor vatstatus changes
[ CHANGED] Netbox kernel to run every 5 minutes instead of every 30 minutes
[ CHANGED] Reverted custom specific changes
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific report
[ CHANGED] Updated enum package
[ CHANGED] make ringlabel custom font bigger
[ CHANGED] custobar product multishop changes
[ FEATURE] Added page notifications for new webshop
[ FEATURE] Added UI for endicia and LDR integrations
[ FEATURE] Added Primary Group Editor
[ FIXED] Added image orientation to new thumbnail generation
[ FIXED] custobar multishops with same locale
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with customer creation in cashier
[ FIXED] custobar changes
[ FIXED] Fixed default openpayments report to consider chosen branches
[ FIXED] added multishop id to custobar customer
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with new thumbnail generation - in case the product is web visible, generate thumbs for new images in the same process, instead of queued background process
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with new thumbnail generation where exif data was not read properly and rotating images by 90-270 degrees failed as a result
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with leanware SCM - don't send stock transfers as inbounds
[ FIXED] Fixed header translation on stockalteration
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with reship where excel export failed if filename contained "/"
[ FIXED] Hotfix - don't add noindex,nofollow headers if FileResponse
[ FIXED] procountor small fixes
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific report
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with shipping method mapping in stockmann integration
[ FIXED] Hotfix - .js-file cache bust
[ FIXED] Small improvements to repo calendar popup
[ FIXED] Fixed dashboard where three years returned four years

[ ADDED] filler code
[ ADDED] added statestave-name for products sold-report
[ ADDED] Added optional address fields to customer quick create popup
[ ADDED] Added buyer_order_number generation to amazon integration
[ ADDED] Added handling of unspecified width + height thumbnail setting
[ ADDED] link to supplier pricelist manager from pricelists view
[ ADDED] Added new field to custom prints - serial number via row device
[ ADDED] Added possibility to choose sales row device in repo
[ ADDED] Added two new reports for customer-group specific statistcs. Can be found under "TILASTOT"
[ ADDED] Freetext field for unifaunin prints
[ ADDED] Added class for internal use
[ CHANGED] Zoho integration changes
[ CHANGED] Improved batch history view
[ CHANGED] Changed Netbox multiple finvoices to loop single invoices to Netbox
[ CHANGED] Custobar changes
[ CHANGED] finvoice receiver visibility channges
[ CHANGED] Changed files save path on server
[ CHANGED] Improved thumbnail gen output
[ CHANGED] Improved batch picking popup layout
[ CHANGED] Added cleanup to old no longer needed logitrail events
[ CHANGED] Changed leanware SCM integration to retry requests 5 times before giving up
[ CHANGED] Increased Tirkistilijä query time limit from 30s => 180s
[ FEATURE] webshop specific product sale limits
[ FEATURE] Added a new feature to refox - logging of all field changes to sales, purchases and products
[ FEATURE] Added new feature Unanswered Questions to Project Management
[ FIXED] Matkahuolto pickup point search fix
[ FIXED] Fixed numerous bugs in batch picking popup dialog
[ FIXED] print fix for customer
[ FIXED] Matkahuolto label fix
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in inspector that trackbatch couldn't be modified
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in sales view where couldn't add package product to sales if "show_all_stock_in_order" -flag was on
[ FIXED] Fixed minor bug in leanware SCM that caused unnecessary logging
[ FIXED] Optimized query loading in custom prints if vatless prices
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in thumbnail generation where webshop url wasn't called if generating new thumbs. This caused issues while still in the process of migrating to the new way of thumbs generation. Now generation is done both the old and the new way.
[ FIXED] Refactored customer quick create popup dialog, to be able to use the same logic in other views
[ FIXED] Custobar product relation change

[ ADDED] Added possibility to upload files to shippingmethods and paymentmethods
[ ADDED] Added flag to remove warning about customers who already have an order when generating a new order
[ ADDED] Added product review links per webshop to product edit view
[ ADDED] Added paymentmethod and shippingmethod picture to show in repo-calendar
[ ADDED] Added a popup to AdvancedBatch, that triggers when picking is complete
[ ADDED] Added possibility to use new thumbnail generation for old webshops
[ ADDED] Made possible to turn on "calculate product buy amounts"-feature using a flag
[ ADDED] Added possibility to upload files to attribute types
[ ADDED] Added thumbnail settings edit view
[ ADDED] Added service product type for customer
[ ADDED] Minor changes to amazon integration
[ ADDED] Attribute view tabs remember last used tab
[ ADDED] Add stocklabel and multilabel support for 53x32mm A4 label
[ ADDED] Thumbnail filler code
[ ADDED] shipment_controller data collection
[ ADDED] DBSchenker integration
[ CHANGED] Improved AdvancedBatch picking popup layout
[ CHANGED] Changed attribute view to show tabs by type
[ CHANGED] Changed repo device search to search from customer name as well
[ CHANGED] Changed repo calendar to use user-based filtering, instead of usergroup-based, so that it's easier to view own events only
[ CHANGED] Changed quotation and sales copying to set seller to the current user, instead of using the original order's seller
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific automation
[ CHANGED] Optimized customergroup product relation.
[ DEPRACATED] Duplicate code cleanup
[ FEATURE] Released the new Purchase-data-searcher for internal test usage
[ FIXED] Supplier feed fixes
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with old api settings
[ FIXED] Supplier feed changes
[ FIXED] minor bug fix
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in adding webshop prices to a product, that occurred when adding prices before the product has an id
[ FIXED] Fixes issue with jobs running in background
[ FIXED] Fixed a bunch of minor visual bugs in sales edit view
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug on product edit view where publish_date got cleared completely in some cases
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with campaign list
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with kasten warehouse robot integration where sales rows with negative ordered were sent to the robot
[ FIXED] Zoho duplicate data update
[ FIXED] New email dialog to record emails to maillogger
[ FIXED] Filtered quotations from buy count aggregator
[ FIXED] Changed tooltip icons in Datanhallinta työkalu
[ FIXED] Fixed matkahuolto labels
[ FIXED] Fixed pickup locator for matkahuolto
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in picking sales info sidebar
[ FIXED] Attribute view orders types by order
[ FIXED] Stockalert fix
[ FIXED] Added picture_link to customerfeeds
[ FIXED] Matkahuolto label fix
[ REMOVED] Removed webshop carts from notification errors

[ ADDED] Finvoice debuggin download route
[ ADDED] E-invoicer settings
[ ADDED] Add canary islands to COUNTRIES
[ ADDED] Added output to new thumbnail generation
[ ADDED] Added Customer specific feeds + stockalert
[ ADDED] Added mass select of user group users to repo card
[ ADDED] Made repo card to remember which tab was previously selected
[ ADDED] Improved repo calendar popup
[ ADDED] Added currency to giftcard mass creation tool
[ ADDED] Added possibility to disable repo card automatic clocking with user specific flag
[ ADDED] Added stocklabel support to Herma 4457 label
[ ADDED] Custobar customer specific changes
[ ADDED] Zoho bulk export logic
[ CHANGED] Made possible to change e-invoicer name
[ CHANGED] Changed purchase quotations to use correct branch counter
[ CHANGED] Repo card query optimization
[ CHANGED] Finvoice to account for existing payments
[ FEATURE] New emailing dialog and domain settings
[ FIXED] minor bugfix
[ FIXED] Cashier to work correctly with different currency giftcards
[ FIXED] Zoho bug fixes for duplicate records
[ FIXED] LeanwareSCM - order proposals - handle empty response appropriately
[ FIXED] Picking automatic emails replace logic to be consistent
[ FIXED] Filler code
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug on repo card where sales_id gets cleared on save if linked sales is an invoice
[ FIXED] minor bugfix
[ REMOVED] Removed giftcard logi from sales view for being obsolete
[ REMOVED] Removed deprecated code

[ ADDED] Added reship purchase price update implementation
[ ADDED] Added manufactor to index in klevu integration
[ ADDED] Added postal code implementation to reship
[ ADDED] Added client specific attribute facets in klevu integration
[ CHANGED] Customer specific automation change
[ CHANGED] Channable integration product limit changes
[ CHANGED] Custobar product language changes
[ CHANGED] Added permission for admin-group members to delete LSP rows
[ CHANGED] Various improvements to custom prints excel print
[ CHANGED] Made refox to work a bit faster when adding package products to sale
[ CHANGED] Changed LSP row archiver automation logic
[ CHANGED] Custobar language additition
[ CHANGED] Changed CHANGELOG to use Datacollector
[ CHANGED] Changed NEWS to use Datacollector.
[ CHANGED] Thumbnail logic changes
[ FEATURE] Added feature to see all news by clicking "Lue kaikki uutiset" on new dashboard
[ FEATURE] Added Datacollector v0.1. Can be found under Tilasto -> Vertailija
[ FEATURE] Made all relation groups sortable in product view
[ FEATURE] Added ability to hide product pictures from Channable
[ FIXED] Campaign discount logic update
[ FIXED] Fixed bug in advanced batch tool
[ FIXED] Updated Netvisor-integration
[ FIXED] Fixed password requirements
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in sales order view which caused package products to work incorrectly when adding multiple package products to the same sale
[ FIXED] Fixed various bugs with package products on sales copy all rows function
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in klevu integration
[ FIXED] Fixed webshop stock logic for package variations
[ FIXED] Fixed thumbnail size limit logic
[ FIXED] Fixed customer specific product list
[ REMOVED] Removed unused code

[ ADDED] Added 4 new countries / autonomous areas to country database based on ISO standard
[ ADDED] Added Kiikari sales-collection to scheduled tasks
[ ADDED] Rewrote product update purchase price automation and added logging
[ ADDED] Added row numbering to purchases generated by invetory tool
[ ADDED] Created setting which alters prints
[ ADDED] Repo calendar time allocation webshop automation
[ ADDED] Created command to move old LSP data to history
[ ADDED] Added ean field to sales view
[ ADDED] Added quick create batch functionality to picking dialog for advanced batch
[ ADDED] Added row delivery branch field to custom prints
[ ADDED] Added history view to advanced batch
[ CHANGED] Changed internal event handling
[ CHANGED] Updated Google Translate Api to newest version
[ CHANGED] Make sidebar sections toggleable
[ CHANGED] Sorted Kernel scheduled jobs to be shown by execution time
[ CHANGED] TE campaign sales data column header name changed to include (store only)
[ CHANGED] Disable finvoice button from pre invoice if billing customer has no einvoice_address
[ CHANGED] Improved repo calendar side bar info
[ CHANGED] Changed behavior of customer specific product creation
[ CHANGED] Changed refox dashboard to show Omnibus-data
[ FEATURE] Possibility to configure requirements for passwords
[ FEATURE] Added new tool "Kiikari" which is a kind of Tirkistelijä for Sales data
[ FEATURE] Added LSP view behind product history
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with looping login page
[ FIXED] Small adjustments to prints when using different currency than EUR
[ FIXED] Fixed issue in purchases reporting
[ FIXED] Fixed another issue in settings
[ FIXED] Fixed issue in settings
[ FIXED] Fixed statistics report
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with pickinglist in sales view
[ FIXED] Added modular product logic to purchase orders
[ FIXED] Statistics bug fix
[ FIXED] Added average purchase price Roe column to inspector search results
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with Refox-logo not showing correctly
[ FIXED] Fixed issue in finvoice preview
[ REMOVED] Removed customer specific integration
[ REMOVED] Removed duplicate Zalando-schedule from Kernel

[ ADDED] Added event coloring based on repo card status to repo calendar
[ ADDED] Quick add of product batches from batch dialog
[ ADDED] Added an additional supplier code field to purchase type custom prints
[ ADDED] Added branch-filter for rows to Product sales-report
[ ADDED] Added column to purchase invoice listing if imported from finvoice
[ ADDED] Thumbnail generation code
[ ADDED] Added a popup with repo card details to repo calendar on event click
[ CHANGED] Disabled Netvisor-integration automation for customer
[ CHANGED] Modified inspector to understand finish date format
[ CHANGED] Changed order import from excel feature to add a new line if product price is different in the excel compared to order
[ CHANGED] Changed BIC in moneyback feature to be editable for customer
[ FEATURE] Added observers for Project management-tool
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with Unifaun service codes
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with Shipit service
[ FIXED] Fixed Unifaun multiple parcels issue
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with taking stickers from purchases
[ FIXED] Fixed purchase invoice importing issue
[ FIXED] Fixed issue where all setting would not be saved
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with new user creation
[ FIXED] Fixed issue where session data get mixed

[ ADDED] Added language selector for stickers
[ ADDED] Added functionality to hide rows in Purchase Invoice Raport
[ ADDED] Added possibility to make stockalerts webshop specific
[ ADDED] Added configuration for Puuilo EDI-messages
[ ADDED] Added automation to update refox payments trough Procountor integration
[ ADDED] Added new flag. Hide new copied product from webshop
[ ADDED] Added hide option for countries
[ CHANGED] Removed technical debt. Moved database migrations to more appropriate location
[ CHANGED] Removed Confirmation messages for Puuilo EDI
[ CHANGED] Made webshop-settings for new webshop look better
[ CHANGED] Unified naming convention for partner id and shipping code
[ CHANGED] Whitespace cleanup
[ CHANGED] Return logic update for used recycled version products
[ CHANGED] Refactored Unifaun backend logic
[ CHANGED] Made small change to background processes that decreases the likelihood of same console command running twice in parallel
[ CHANGED] 2FA input field autofocus on page load
[ CHANGED] Optimized repo card view
[ CHANGED] Changed purchase invoice upload logic for customer
[ CHANGED] Unifaun error dialog to be more informative
[ FEATURE] Repo calendar has been overhauled
[ FEATURE] Added possibility to choose Unifaun / nShift addons while picking
[ FEATURE] Added Preorder End Date functionality to Products
[ FEATURE] Added functionality for Purchase Invoice Types (flag controller)
[ FIXED] Customer specific import code fix
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug where leanware SCM cronjob was not activated properly
[ FIXED] Fixed a non-breaking frontend bug in picking
[ FIXED] Fixed a bug in reship shipping methods API where country state was handled incorrectly
[ FIXED] Fixed status save validation for 1 character long statuses
[ FIXED] Customer specific import code fix
[ FIXED] Fixed table height to display all records when ordering products
[ FIXED] Updated enums
[ FIXED] Optimized customers credit limit check
[ FIXED] DLVPRIV addon only for consumers
[ FIXED] Unifaun refactor fixes
[ FIXED] Hide purchase invoice related fields from purchase view
[ REMOVED] Removed unecessary logging

[ ADDED] New flag to show pickable amount as zero if product stock is zero
[ ADDED] Added nightly stock sync for logitrail integration
[ ADDED] Added order status automation for a client
[ ADDED] Added possibility to save opened inspector query as a new query (copy) to allow quick creation of similar searches.
[ ADDED] Added inspector button to print the stock quantity number of labels
[ ADDED] Added custom prints to info-row on pickingAdded flag to show custom prints after READY-click on picking
[ ADDED] Added webshop links to giftcard view
[ ADDED] Added more functionality to credit checker
[ ADDED] Added A4 label prints with 38x21mm and 52x32mm labels. Also added A5 label.
[ ADDED] Enabled Netvisor-integration for customer
[ ADDED] Changes to Import-Tools. Added Rewms but changed to own branch
[ ADDED] Procountor: added additional fields
[ ADDED] Capture functionality for Avarda
[ ADDED] Inspector can now return secondary descriptions. Added picking-list print to heavy-saleslistings
[ ADDED] Added more conditions to inspector search
[ CHANGED] Custobar custom return order handling for customer
[ CHANGED] Small Product-serach optimization with eager loading when rawmaterials in use
[ CHANGED] Added TYPE field to customer specific picking-list
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific product price logic
[ FEATURE] New feature: Warn if a customer has open orders when adding a new order for customer (flag specific)
[ FIXED] Changed Purchase Invoice Cash Discount accountgroup to Payments-account
[ FIXED] Fixed sortable widgets order on dashboard
[ FIXED] Changed custobar to use rounding helper and fixed shipping costs to be sent in correct format
[ FIXED] Custobar picture link
[ FIXED] Added filtering options for orders "add product" feature
[ FIXED] Procountor integration bug fixes
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue where anon users could see e-invoice button on invoice print
[ FIXED] dsgdgsdsg
[ FIXED] Fixed purchases comment row deletion issue
[ FIXED] Remove unnecessary queries from kernel
[ FIXED] Fixed issue in Netvisor-integration
[ FIXED] Fixed Statistics Bymonth to show all currencies
[ FIXED] AVG payment days on Customer info
[ FIXED] Custobar fix email selection bug for sales

[ CHANGED] Changed cache-key for new dashbard
[ CHANGED] Customer specific change to show only positive values in reservations
[ CHANGED] Customer specific update to StockTransfer purchases
[ CHANGED] Change to PR-status only if saldo < 0
[ CHANGED] Sales search webshop filter and optimization
[ DEPRACATED] Downgraded some packages to keep support for php 7.2
[ FEATURE] Added a new feature "Omaan käyttöön" to Cashier-system if flag is set enabled
[ FEATURE] Added new feature so users can mass-delete salesorders
[ FEATURE] Added new feature: Changelog
[ FEATURE] Added payment method column to sales payments modal for new webshops
[ FEATURE] Added new flag to prevent user from inserting prices to text-rows in sales.
[ FEATURE] Added new feature to add a default customer to new purchases
[ FIXED] Fixed loading of purchase invoice and added Finvoice-checksum to purchase invoice
[ FIXED] Fixed typo in migrate-code
[ FIXED] Fixed undefined variable error happing randomly
[ FIXED] Product thumbnail generation on product copy
[ FIXED] Fixed money-discount for a group related campaign
[ FIXED] Minor issue that caused page crash
[ FIXED] Fixed issue with empty space in user picture names
[ FIXED] Fixed bug in country creation
[ FIXED] Copy webshop specific product visibilities on product copy
[ SECURITY] Development environment to use test payment terminal

[ ADDED] Custobar calculation of original salesprice
[ ADDED] Customer specific Parcel-connect for sweden and denmark
[ ADDED] Added Schenker for a customer
[ ADDED] Channable - Changed counter party
[ ADDED] Added sitemap fora specific customer
[ CHANGED] Custobar sales_link data to show staging-data
[ CHANGED] Reship - changed stuff. Lots of stuff.
[ CHANGED] CRM takes deadlines into consideration when calculating ratings
[ CHANGED] Changed webstock-calculations to own queue
[ CHANGED] Reship - Testing with roe-calculations
[ CHANGED] Changed excel export custom texts in CustomPrints
[ CHANGED] Added fourth description to specific customer
[ CHANGED] Pictures generate always jpeg on FB-thumbs
[ CHANGED] Reworked saldo-calculations for single product
[ CHANGED] Custobar always to use JPG-pictures
[ CHANGED] Changed customer specific order WC-status to do nothing
[ CHANGED] Change to web_color_1
[ CHANGED] Fixed Custobar attribute-choices
[ CHANGED] SPRINTS-Board obeys sprintgroups and filters away internal jobs
[ CHANGED] Channable - changed file ending
[ CHANGED] Custobar - changed text tax => sales tax
[ CHANGED] web_color1 & 2 string length 6 => 7
[ CHANGED] Changed indentation in Netvisorsync
[ DEPRACATED] Remove maintainance break-code from Netvisor-integration
[ DEPRACATED] Removed morhMap from customers who dont need it
[ DEPRACATED] Remove deadline-info from CRM
[ DEPRACATED] Removed old code
[ FEATURE] Added customer specific IMPORT-tools
[ FEATURE] CustomPrints excel print
[ FIXED] Fixed limit for PostiLocation-services
[ FIXED] Bugfix on default settings on banner groups
[ FIXED] Fixed language bug in payments
[ FIXED] CustomPrints origin country bugfix
[ FIXED] CustomPrints - small excel label bugfix
[ FIXED] Fix on stock-transfers
[ FIXED] Stocktransfer names for reports
[ FIXED] CustomPrints "riviä" to "rivit"
[ FIXED] Webshop_settings CASE-error
[ FIXED] Fix webshop pictures filler
[ FIXED] Add missing column to report

[ ADDED] Added KKSTD to unifaun for customer
[ ADDED] Show brands on supplier-page
[ ADDED] Products statistics hide alteration and inventory
[ ADDED] Customer specific Sitemap added
[ ADDED] AMAZON customer returns saves tracking_id
[ ADDED] Custobar saves sale_links
[ ADDED] Option to filter with "lisätulosteet ja varoitustarrat" on Tirkistelijä
[ ADDED] Validation to STATUS-changes
[ ADDED] Added types for ATTRIBUTE-types
[ ADDED] Link to supplier on product-page
[ CHANGED] Customer specific changes to supplier products
[ CHANGED] RAWmaterials - quotation to not use rawmaterials
[ CHANGED] Changes in ENUM-data
[ CHANGED] Rewrote some code to Customer Status polling
[ CHANGED] Product group visibility in webshop to be multiselect
[ CHANGED] Change how customer returns work on Robot-returns
[ CHANGED] Hiilijalanjälki to have zero result if error result
[ FIXED] Small fixes to MTIL, imports and stuff
[ FIXED] Hiilijalanjälki - fixed early returns
[ FIXED] If not array -> show to all
[ FIXED] Disallow seller to be value 0 even if customer has that value
[ FIXED] Fix package product webstock calculation
[ FIXED] Fix for quick start of timed event
[ FIXED] Status edit validation bugfix

[ FEATURE] Added a possibility to define externally visible name and description to order statuses (e.g. in webshop)
[ FEATURE] Added tentative customer return support to amazon integration
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue in cashier for a client
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue in hubspot integration where deal was incorrectly identified as a company sale

[ ADDED] Added integration for Custobar
[ ADDED] Added thumbnail sizes for customer
[ ADDED] Added a column to sales listing that implies if sales has been sent to logitrail
[ ADDED] Added estimated delivery days to reship expense table
[ ADDED] Added record delete endpoints to reship
[ ADDED] Added additional fields for Custobar integration
[ CHANGED] Improved reship layout and optimized view load
[ CHANGED] Various changes and improvements to custom prints views
[ CHANGED] Upgraded cashier layout to a newer version for a client
[ CHANGED] Changed default date for dynamic groups
[ FEATURE] Added excel export and import to reship expense table
[ FEATURE] Demo of upcoming new CASH-system
[ FEATURE] Added demo of upcoming BLOCK-editor for webshop
[ FIXED] Fixed various minor issues with reship
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with reship where one shipping could belong to multiple carriers
[ FIXED] Fixed a crash in custobar integration
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with sales invoice customer information fill logic in monthly billing feature
[ FIXED] Minor bugfix in leanware SCM integration
[ FIXED] Fixed an issue with sales row purchase price not being set correctly for webshop sales if average purchase prices feature is active
[ FIXED] Did some small fixes
[ FIXED] Fixed missing stock calculation in GX integration (US customer returns)
[ FIXED] Custobar integration bug fix
[ FIXED] Fixed a possibility of a crash in sales merge in a case where more than one user is merging sales
[ REMOVED] Removed a whole bunch of unused code

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